The water frame Richard arkwright

Richard Arkwright invented the water frame. He was an inventor and a leading business man. He was born in Preston United Kingdom December 23, 1732 and he died August 3rd, 1792.

This is a picture of Richard Arkwright

He was a wig maker and was self employed and he had 5,000 people working for him. In 1786 he was knighted.

He invented the water frame. He also invented the spinning frame, the rotary cording engine and a secret way for dyeing hair. He was a great inventor because he was able to build machines work successfully.

This is a picture of the water frame

The water frame is a name given to a spinning frame, When water power is used to drive it. The advantage it has is that it provided more power to the spinning frame then human operators,

" it helps make sewing easier and clothes stronger
" my workers like using this new machine."

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Why did people wear wigs during the industrial revolution? Men wore powdered wigs as a symbol of status. This means if you were important you wore a wig.

In the 18th century men's wigs were powdered to make them look white or off white. They were powdered with starch to make them look white.

A wig costs from $50-$400 in the 1800s.

Here's a picture of a wig

Wigs were made with human hair but also with hair from horses and goats. There were jobs created from wigs because people had to make them and design them and clean them and repair them. 20% of the people wore wigs. They put powder in their wigs every time they wore them.

By: Katie Stalboerger and Mitchell Fuchs

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