Newsworthy Issue #3 - April 10, 2019

2019 SOC Creative Activity & Research Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2019 (FY20) SoC Creative Activity and Research awards:

  • Margaret Cardilllo for "Jane The First"
  • Kim Grinfeder and Zeven Rodriguez for "Tangible Interfaces for Interactions with Volumetric Photography and Video"
  • Christina Lane for "Phantom Lady: Journeys Through a Hollywood Career"
  • Yeunjae Lee and Weiting Tao for "Taking a Stance: Toward an Understanding of CEO Activism on Controversial Sociopolitical Issues and Public Advocacy"
  • Qeenie Li, Yeunjae Lee and Sunny Tsai for "What a Doctor Looks Like? Physician Experience of Workplace Discrimination and Employee-Organization Relationship Management"
  • Howard McCain for "Goodnight Scarecrow"
  • Tom Musca for "Chateau Vato"
  • Weiting Tao for "The Role of Narratives in Overcoming CSR Skepticism"
  • Sunny Tsai for "Cross-Cultural Comparison of Consumer Interactions with Chatbots for Consumer-Brand Engagement"

Please note: The SoC Research and Creative Support and Services Committee, has recommended two additions to the funding criteria which will take effect for next year's applications:

  1. Priority will be given to projects whose faculty do not have start-up funds.
  2. Faculty can only apply for an SoC Grant with the same project once.

2019 Provost's Research Awards

Congratulations to Sunny Tsai and her co-investigators Ching-Hua Chuan and Weiting Tao for receiving a 2019 Provost's Research Award for their proposal: Networked Publics: An Examination of Mediated Intergroup Communication on Polarizing Sociopolitical Issues

The SoC proposal was one of twelve (12) proposals in Social Sciences receiving funding from the Provost's Research Awards this year. Visit the Provost's Research Awards for a complete list of the 2019 award recepients.


To the following faculty for their achievements in creative activity and/or research:

Playing for mental health and social change: Evaluation of an interactive game for mental health promotion among college students

  • Weiting Tao and Juliana Fernandez are the recipients of a University of Pennsylvania, Arthur W. Page Center Legacy Scholar Grant for their project "Are Repeated Stories a Good Strategy? Effects of Textual, Numeric, and Visual Messages in Digital Political Communication."
  • Soyoon Kim and Queenie Li, are also the recipients of a University of Pennsylvania, Arthur W. Page Center Legacy Scholar Grant for their project "Playing for mental health and social change: Evaluation of an interactive game for mental health promotion among college students."
  • Susan Morgan was the keynote speaker at the 2019 HCB3 Online Health Communication Conference at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, on February 25, 2019. Morgan's lecture was titled "How Health Communicators Can Help Find Breakthroughs for Cancer: Using Interactive Media and Communication Best Practices to Increase Informed Consent to Clinical Trials." Morgan delivered the inaugural Dale Brashers Memorial Lecture, honoring a distinguished scholar in the field.
  • Lien Tran received a UMIA faculty grant for her project "A Roadmap to Opportunity: Formative research for the design of an interactive decision support tool for refugee and immigrant adolescents seeking education and career pursuits in the U.S." UMIA funding programs for faculty are intended to encourage interdisciplinary research on the Americas, including Latin America, the Caribbean, immigrant populations of and in the region, and Miami as a hemispheric hub.
  • Sallie Hughes and researchers from 10 other academic institutions have formed the National Journalism Studies Research Network for the Worlds of Journalism Study III in Mexico. The research network will generate data to better understand and explain the reality of journalism in Mexico and compare Mexican journalists on a global scale through a rigorous methodology of nationally based surveys. The University of Miami Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas (UMIA), with the CIDE and Iberoamerican University-Mexico City, organized and sponsored the workshop where the network was formed.
  • Kim Grinfeder and Liz Miller's 360 project SwampScapes will have its Canadian premiere at Hot Docs Film Festival, in Toronto, on April 26, 2019 as part of the official program of the festival.

Funding Opportunities

  • 4C Pilot Awards: The spring deadline for application is April 26, 2019
  • Micro-Grants: The Spring 2019 Micro-Grants funding period ends on May 31, 2019


Final Reports Due

2018 (FY19) SoC and 4C award recipients remember to submit your final reports before you depart for the summer.

U-LINK Q+A and Social Mixer

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, at the 4C


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