Journey A poem by jacqueline woodson

"Journey", is the fourteenth poem in Brown Girl Dreaming. I feel that this poem truly represents the Woodson family strength. It describes her fathers point of view of the southern in the early 1960's.

Jack Woodson (her father), came to Ohio with his wife. He did this because he couldn't endure living in a racially separated area any longer. There was violence against minority communities, harsh injustices, and He didn't want his future family to have to suffer like that as well.
Jack doesn't want his family to be bound by the racist system in the south. He feels that it is his duty as a father to protect his family from whatever he can.

I like this poem, because it represents the true family strength of the Woodsons.

Jack Woodson is a great example of a great role model, and somebody who truly wants good for his family.

Jack believes that his children deserve to be treated like any other white child in the world. He wants his kids to grow up knowing that they are valuable human beings who deserve to be treated with respect.
To conclude his statement, he wants his family to stay far away from the South. He feels like it is his responsibility to enforce this.
This is the full poem.

Above is a video of the author speaking about her book, Brown girl Dreaming.

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