Family of a Baconbit A short blip about those i love

The Gift of a Family

Have you ever wondered why God gave us the families He did? Why he chose two random people to come together to create a life of love? I have been close to my parents and brother for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, my dad was the greatest man to ever walk the earth since Jesus. My mom was a superhero who could everything that was needed and even a little more once she was done with that. I thought my big brother was the coolest kid and I wanted to hang around him all the time. Although I am grown now, I don’t view my family any differently than how I did when I was a small child.

Neither my brother or I have ever been the type to of people who would rather go out with our friends than spend time with our family. I have always felt that I am more likely to have a good time with the people I love than with those who might not always be a part of my life. I feel this way because I have been hurt by plenty of people who I thought were friends but in the end they only cared about how they felt. The complete opposite of this is my family, the one group of people I know will always have my back and will do anything to make sure I am happy.

Family Vacation to The Happiest Place on Earth

My parents have been married for almost 29 years. When I was in high school, a lot of the kids that I knew lived with a single parent and most didn’t have a relationship with the parent who didn’t live with them. I have always felt very fortunate to have two parents who both know what is going on in my life and will support me in whatever I do. Without the hard work of my parents, I wouldn’t be able to attend JBU and have the chance to do what I love at a Christ centered school. My mom has been a stay-at –home mom for almost 23 years. All throughout my primary education, I always knew that my mom was close and that if I needed anything, she would be ready to come in less than a heartbeat. For my entire life, my dad has worked but he never let it get in the way of us having a relationship. He has worked hard so that my mom, brother, and myself are able to do the things we want and to fulfil our dreams. The work ethic that both my parents have has made a huge impact on my life and has made me realize that life doesn’t hand you anything, so you have to go out and get it yourself.

Without my family, I wouldn’t be the person I am today or have the life that I live. I know it sounds cliché but they are my everything and my world wouldn’t exist without them.

Sugar Bear, our Pekingese

Greatest Gifts from God

Have you ever wanted to have that person in your life that you can always count on? Did you find out that the person or people you were looking for were your parents? As humans, we always want to know that there is somebody there for us. Even in the times when we say we don’t need anybody but ourselves, we still need somebody. We need them to lift us up when we fall and keep us up once we stand. Everybody has their moments when they just can’t find strength in themselves and can’t get it from the people around them. They are constantly looking for somebody to hold them and say “everything will be ok.” They try to find a hand to hold onto for safety and voice to listen to for comfort. God put that in everybody’s personality before giving children to the ones who would lend the hand and speak so their voice could comfort.

Parents begin their life as everyday people. They don’t look or act differently than anybody else. From the outside, their life could turn out anyway .The only difference is God choose them to raise his children and to love them with all they have. They will do anything and everything to make sure that their child is safe. When they are facing danger in the eye, their first thought is their child. A lot of people describe being a parent as taking their heart out and letting it walk around. They say this because their children become their heart the very moment they find out they will be a parent. As young people, we have our heart played with a couple of times. That doesn’t compare to the hurt a parent goes through when they are hurt by their child or their child is hurt. When that happens, it’s as if their heart has fallen to the ground and is getting trampled on.

Me, myself, and I

Children are very delicate but strong creations. They can be hurt by the little things and be strong when a parent needs it. The strength of a child is about one sixteenth the strength of a parent. God gave parents this amazing ability to be strong when it seems impossible. They become the strength we use to build our own. When it seems that there shouldn’t be anything left, they stand up because they will feel as if they have let their child down. They think that showing any weakness around their children will fool them. Crying is one thing that nobody likes to do. For many, it’s embarrassing and to others, it shows too much emotion. A parent has the feeling that they need to keep looking like somebody who doesn’t break down. They are actually afraid to show that their heart is too full. They have taken in so much that any one thing will cause them to shatter. God has a way of letting them know that when they start to fall off the edge, he will be right there to catch them.

A parent is like a life ring. When a child feels they are about to sink, their parent jumps in the water and takes their child to safety. They are the people that we lean on the most. We feel that we would be ok without them and that we don’t need them but it’s not true. We meet them the moment we are born. They take us into their arms and we relax, knowing we will be safe from all harm in the world. That’s why when things start to go wrong, we run as fast as we can to the arms that gave us our first sense of security. When we aren’t sure how to handle a situation, we look for the voice that led us through the jungle of life. Even when others can’t hear it, we know that they are close. Parents always tell their children that they will never be far enough away to where they can’t get to each other. Even when a child feels they don’t need their parent, they are always waiting for their child. No matter how far apart, a parent will always come to the rescue.

No matter how far apart, a parent will always come to the rescue.

God’s love is the strongest that anybody could ever ask for. He never gives up and never turns his face the other way. Parents have a love that is so beautiful, people gravitate towards them. Even when their children stay away from them, they always go back to their parents because they know they will always be there for them. There are times when a parent feels that they can’t do anymore with their child. They aren’t sure if they have done the right things but no matter what, they love their child to the very end. Even in times of anger, a child knows that when they call upon their parent, they will arrive with open arms and words to fix all the problems in the world.

There are days in a year to honor moms and dads. Its only two days out of all 365 that we are given. Parents should be honored and praised every single day and shown that people don’t need a reason to show them their love and appreciation. A child should love and respect their parent every single moment. In the times of heartache, in the times of joy and love, a parent should be raised up and given the glory they deserve. God put them here for a reason and we should remind them of that reason every day.

As a child, I don’t understand the joy and difficulties of being a parent. I thank God every day that I have two people in my life that are always there for me and will never leave. In them, I find the hand to hold onto and the voice that gives me comfort. I find the love and strength that others can’t give me. I find my super heroes and the people who give many memories that will never be let go. I find my safety net and my protection from the world. But most importantly, I find the greatest gifts from God.

Spring Break 2013

That’s when we had to go FBI and force our way into the room

Taking vacations isn’t something that my family gets to do very often but when we do, it’s incredibly special and we try to make the most of it. In 2013, my parents decided that we would travel to San Antonio for spring break. I had never been to this part of Texas, so I was both excited as well as a little nervous. On the way down, we stopped at a small Cuban pastry shop because mom had heard some good things about it. Instead of going straight to San Antonio, my parents decided that we would stop in San Marcos for a night and go to Aquarena Springs the next day. While in San Marcos, the trip was going well and I was eager to move on to San Antonio. As we were driving down, my mom called Expedia in order to get a hotel room. This turned out to be a bad decision. We were given a room at a Quality Inn and Suites but it turned out there was nothing “quality” about the room. My brother and I headed up as my parents were paying and that’s where it all began. When we put the card in the scanner, the door unlocked but wouldn’t open. That’s when we had to go FBI and force our way into the room. After finally getting in, we thought that the worst part was over. We were wrong. The people who installed the doors to the room must not have had any idea about what they were doing because the bathroom door was too wide to open. What this means is that when you opened the door to the bathroom, it rubbed against the toilet. This had happened so many times that there were obvious rubbing marks along the front of the toilet. After I finished staring at this and wondering how someone could be so crazy, I looked in the bathtub. Well, after seeing this terrible sight, I decided that the bathroom was off limits. Later in the evening, we decided that we needed to get something to eat. I thought that I would stay in the room by myself but then I realized that the area didn’t give me a warm feeling. That night when we were all getting in bed, my sweet, caring brother decided to stick me next to the ac unit and hog all the covers all through the night. The next morning we woke up and couldn’t wait to get out of our room. In an attempt to make the trip better, we decided that we wanted to go see the Alamo. This plan was working out well until traffic came to a screeching halt and I hear the lovely sound of cars crashing behind us. Before I knew it, we were pushed forward and were involved in the multi-car crash. The only funny moment that came from the crash was that a piece of my mom’s car disappeared. After finally getting everything cleared up, we began our trip home, saying goodbye to San Antonio for a very long time.

The Alamo

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