Lung health Respiratory illness in wales

Health inequalities in Wales are worse than ever and asthma rates are higher in Wales than anywhere in the world. There is a direct correlation between deprivation and illness, social, cultural and environmental factors all have an impact.

Fuel poverty means that people who can’t afford their house bills and live in cold, damp housing have a higher risk of developing breathing problems.
The NHS spend £1 billion a year treating asthma sufferers
The seriousness of respiratory illness is often underestimated
Wales has the highest number of asthma deaths per year
In 2015 COPD accounted for 16% of ALL deaths in Wales
“People are unaware of how serious it can be.” -Joseph Carter, the Welsh head of the British Lung Foundation

Smoking, pollution, health literacy and housing problems can all lead to respiratory health issues and are all related to poverty

These deaths are avoidable and slow progress is being made to slow the rate of deprivation induced respiratory illness in Wales

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