Project 1 - Research and Sketches Derek Vander Veen

App Research

App Name: Duet

Initial Observations:

• Welcoming, simple design.

• Main app color is blue with the use of white space.

• Upon initial opening of the app, it walks you through the steps you need in order to create an account. Users need Facebook in order to use the app.

Navigational Choices:

• There is no home page. The main page of the app uses your home or work locations as the main screen. There is a "D" button which is the app's logo that is able to be selected, as well as a message icon.


• The design of the app is pretty fluid. Most of the settings in the app are handled through the "D" button, which allows the user to handle things like payment, accessing their "community", etc. It is a simple app with a simple functionality and not many buttons.

Other Design Comments:

Visual Hierarchy, icons, images, etc.

  • Hierarchy is done well. All important buttons are on the top of the app and are easily distinguished.
  • Color scheme is simple yet effective.
  • Aside from the map in the middle of the screen, the app would be very bland as far as images go. There are only 2 icons.


  • Home - allows the user to see where they are on the map.
  • Work - allows the user to see where their job place is located
  • Message icon - allows users to communicate with each other within the app.
  • Logo button - holds all settings within it.

Additional Features:


• Does the app follow the mobile first mindset?

Yes and no. It works well on a phone but I don't think it would transfer well to an Apple Watch.

• Were the interfaces designed for context?


• Was all the content purposeful?

Yes. All content is relevant and useful.

• Did the design demonstrate continuity?


• How did the design aid the user experience?

The design is simple and easy to use because the function of the app is fairly simple.

Project 2 - Grids and Wires

iPad Wires
iPhone Wires
Watch Wires

Project 3 - Data Visualization and Style Guide

App Logo
Data Visualization
Colors and Typographical Hierarchy

Project 4 - Mock Ups and Website Advertisement

iPhone Mock Ups

iPad Mock Ups

Watch Mock Ups

Website Advertisement

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