Malala Yousafzai By Matthew and Nathanal


This is where we will begin with Malala's story. This is her father's (Ziauddin Yousafzai) school for girls that he founded, and this is also where Malala went to school. Then the Taliban started attacking schools with girls in them. After this Malala became a activist. She did a few speeches and started bloging for BBC under a different name so she wouldn't be discovered. Soon after this the Taliban found out who was speaking out out (who happened to be Malala) and issued a death threat.

Courageous Act

But Malala still wanted to get a education and encourage others to do the same, so she still went to school and kept doing the blogs even tho she knew that she would get hurt eventually. One day when she was on the bus going to school, a group or armed people stopped the buss. When they got on they asked who is Malala. When everyone looked back that made it very apparent who Malala Yousafzai was. Then they shot her.

She was Left in critical condition, so she was flown to a military hospital in Peshawar along with two other girls injured in the incident. A portion of her skull was removed to treat her swelling brain. To receive further care, she was transferred to Birmingham, England. There she had several surgeries to treat the paralysis on the left side of her face. The bullet hit the left side of her face and went down her neck, But after all this her brain didn't sustain major brain damage.

She went on to do many speeches on education and even wrote a autobiography exhibit see the background picture. She even went on to win the Noble Peace Prize, and she was the young person to win this prize.


Her story shows that we should value our education because some people can't have a safe education or can't have one at all. She sacrificed her safety and risked her life to try and go to school. Her story shows that even in the the sight of olfaction, we should follow what we believe in. No matter what we face we must follow our convictions.

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