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What if your car-sharing unexpectedly turns out to be the 2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo driven by Romain Dumas, professional Porsche racer? That’s what people in this new Porsche online ad are about to discover.

Classic and more premium car makers are adopting new communication strategies to talk to their audience with shifting demographics.

Here for example Porsche kept the ad simple and low budget but does a great job at getting aspiring future consumers closer to the brand, and leverages the viral potential of an easily shareable content.

We’ve seen similar efforts from Audi with their AirBnB partnership. And from Mercedes with their “Grow Up” campaign, featuring A$AP Rocky among others.

Audi X AirBnB
Mercedes - Grow Up

The man sitting next to you.

If you're a true cinema enthusiast, this short will have you cringe more than once.

In this minute-long spot, the narrator touches upon every worst-case scenario a moviegoer can come across – babies crying, popcorn flying and chips crunching, farts ripping, and, last but not least, elbow hairs touching.

Du (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company) and Leo Burnett Dubaï's message is clear: "sit next to someone you know". We found this to be a great emotional trigger to promote the new 'du Tuesdays', where consumers get a free ticket with any individual purchase.

Choose your neighbour wisely – you've been warned.

If you saw this at 3 a.m., after losing a hard-fought battle with your insomnia, would you call? We probably would. Just out of curiosity.

If you haven't guessed what these ads were for – they were created by Casper, an American mattress manufacturer.

Those who call will be confronted with an answering machine that forces them to go through a number of musical ambiances, all designed to induce sleep – they'll even be greeted by the voice of a hypnotist. Eventually, a consumer will be linked to a Casper sales rep.

Sounds like an awful lot of trouble to go through for a mattress.

Casper does, however, take an interesting approach to its targeting. The ads will only air on TV between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m., a.k.a prime-time for the sleep deprived. Those who do encounter such a message after hours of desperation might just take a chance...

For all they know, they may just discover the key to a better night's sleep.


Gucci rides the co-creation wave in its new campaign: #TFWGucci (That Feeling When).

In an effort to launch its new watch collection << Le Marché des Merveilles >>, Gucci placed a bet on instagram and armed itself with memes to create 'disruption'.

With the help of collaborators – "international meme creators" – such as @youvegotnomale and @littlebrownmushroom, they've armed themselves with an assortment of content clashing vintage style with modern mockery.

Will these be enough to create a viral campaign? Not sure... But we still found them pretty funny.

As a way to lead Giant pandas into breeding (please note our concerted efforts to keep it safe-for-work), scientists and zookeepers have found that showing them videos of other pandas having sex, i.e. panda porn, is fairly effective.

Pornhub, largest pornography site in the world, used that insight to build its newest campaign:

Save the pandas.

The platform calls all users for help: make your own panda-inspired porn video, upload it on Pornhub, and the platform will donate $100 to panda preservation nonprofits in addition to creating a content database for pandas (or zookeepers…).

There are more direct ways to help Giant pandas, for example buy donating to the WWF directly HERE.

But as you know, Over the Hedge is not about judgment, so if any reader is looking for a panda costume before the weekend : here’s our favourite.



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