DTC #41: Rose gold Buddha An ancient eastern journey through a western pop culture icon.





Zen out with a meditation on the most relaxing back yard in town.

Indulge on Indonesian bites and floral cocktails on a California style street side patio.

Lounge and cocktail amongst the stars and fauna at an Angeleno Asian gem.

The first written records of meditation date back to the Hindu Vendatism around 1500 BCE. If you’re thinking of Buddha, he started meditating around 500 BCE.
Stop 1

Find your true self in a guided meditation

• 6:30pm to 7:45pm •

Your heart beat immediately drops as you step into the crystal laden front house of Ceremony Meditation. The calm yogi behind the counter pleasantly logs you in to the system and gives you your blessings for the spiritual journey you’re about to embark on. After meandering the impulse buy minefield you find yourself on the picturesque back zen garden. At 6:45pm sharp your European guide Peter directs you to a small back room. Shoes off and a fresh dash of lavender in the palms you sit on a plush orange meditation chair. After a brief intro you place headphones on and transcend into a journey of the mind…and then...bliss. An hour later you glide back onto Rose Ave a bit lighter, released from the days stresses, maybe one step closer to, dare you say, enlightenment? Just then your stomach growls bringing you back to reality. It’s time to eat.

Stop 2

Indonesian bites for the body and soul

• 8pm til you've sipped your last drop •

📷: @misspiggieeats

The few blocks walk under the recently set sun gives you a moment to reflect before you enter the dimly lit confines of Wallflower. Quickly finding yourself on the cozy front porch you pleasantly sit on the low stools with knees set high. A West Coast version of the street vendor scene in Jakarta but with the opening scene a stellar cocktail from your friendly waiter instead of a warm Bintang. As you slowly savor the symphony of flavors of your first cocktail a plate of bakwan arrives catapulting you into a whole new agenda. The dishes keep coming with curries and veggies conjuring up a celebration on the tongue. Opt for another cocktail to douse any rogue pepper attacks or embrace the heat for the road. At this point it's time for the next stop on your journey.

Stop 3


• Post dinner until you've found enlightenment •

The plush front patio oasis of Makani is the jungle refuge you’ve been waiting for. Post up at a high top under the stars as the extremely friendly staff makes you feel right at home. Order a Hummingbird or a Doctor Bird’s Sour and soak into the grooves of the scene. Regardless of your cocktail the buzzy vibe is a far cry from Peter’s calming German voice lulling you into a state of zen. But this is Venice after all so it's probably time for another round.


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