Journal CU 1010

Entry #1

Last semester I hate to say that I really did not have any time management strategies. Besides the occasional I need to go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier or Ill get up earlier to finish up this work. Other than that I would go to the library when I felt like I had work to do or needed to study for an exam. Then when I was actually in the library I would do anything but work until I finally had to because I felt so unproductive. Needless to say my little to no time management strategies did not pay off very well. I ended up on academic probation and failed a class and a lab along with making a D in another with the rest being C's.

Entry #2

In my college experience I am not proud to say that I have had rather poor time management skills. In all honesty I could probably venture to say that I have used little to none in my time at college. This is something that I would say I have lacked my entire life. The little time management that I do use, it is not very successful. When I have something that I need to get done I normally just tell myself that I am going to do it until it gets done later down the line. Which means I keep telling myself I need to do it until it is almost too late and sometimes when it is too late. I need to plan ahead more budget my time more wisely, taking advantage of what time I have by using it properly. I need to plan ahead and always keep track of what I have coming up so I don't lose sight of what I have coming up. I need to map out my day to day tasks.

Entry #4

Group projects are a very big aspect of college education and education in general. In my personal experience group projects have gone both very bad and very good. In some cases it has resulted in just one person doing the majority of the work and the whole group getting credit for what one person has done. Although in other cases it has gone exactly how it should. For this reason, my opinion of group work is that it is very beneficial. Because when group work goes effectively everyone benefits. People's best skills come to light, and where some people struggle others make up for with their strengths. Learning this is a valuable lesson for the business world because working in groups is a big part of being successful in the working world. Another big part of college is communicating with your professors, which in my opinion is very helpful in being a successful college student. When you talk to your professor you become a person rather than another face in their class. Also when you go to office hours you are showing that you actually care and are putting forth effort. Professors notice these things and start to try and help you out where they can. In the end a student who comes to office hours would get their grade rounded up over a student that didn't. This can also relate to the business world because most always you will have some sort of boss, and it will be very important to communicate with them. A boss will favor an employee that communicates with them regularly compared to a worker who does not.

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