color is what describes things and is made up of three things hue, value, and intensity.

Hue is the name of the color. Value shows Hue's lightness and darkness. Intensity is the brightness and purity.

An element of art defines by a point moving in space like this building is shown.

Lines maybe directional, horizontal, diagonal, dotted, and dashed also lines can be 2D or 3D, implied, abstract, descriptive as well as.

An element made that refers to the way things feel, look as if they might feel.

Its wet it looks cold, wet, and beautiful shades of blue and green.

of An element art that is 2D and categorized as geometric or organic.

There is small blue stones surround a heart shaped fossil and they are also a couple white rocks too.

value is when applied on color and tint.

Value is shown by the different shades of shiny brown tint on theses coins.

space shows depth (close or far way)

The artist shows the horse close and the back round far away.

Form is 3D that can have cubes, spheres, and pyramids.

The artist shows the sphere and its made up of pyramids.

Movement - your eye is guided to see motion.

The dogs leg position and the splashing in the back round shows movement.

Unity- showing that parts belong together.

Each hand is holding on to another person's wrist.

Variety- using different shapes, colors, and sizes to show the contrast.

This artist shows variety by showing the different bright colors.

-proportion- one part of the picture in relation to the whole picture.

This artist show the proportion by its head being bigger than the rest of the body.

Emphasis- a part of the picture that sticks out.

The artist shows emphasis by the white dog surrounded by the boring leaves.

Contrast- two different things put beside each other to show their differences.

The artist shows two differences by showing the orange pea and the other green peas beside each other.

Balance shows stability.

The artist shows symmetry in the arms, showing balance.

Rhythm- show repeated designs

the artist shows them laying in the same pattern.

Created By
Isadeliz Buckwalter


Created with images by gabrielfam - "colors color pencil" • Philippe Put - "concrete lines" • PublicDomainPictures - "abstract aqua background" • marneejill - "heart rock" • Hans - "coins cent specie" • Chiemsee2016 - "horse brown animal portrait" • Pexels - "abstract ball colorful" • howo - "dog water run" • TusitaStudio - "hand united hands united" • Pexels - "many round balloon" • moochida - "Strange proportions Eli" • ashsrogers - "emphasis" • Magnascan - "peas pod pea pod" • Cillian Storm - "Balance" • Bushtography - "Rhythm"

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