Polio Vaccine By: Emma Ortega

What disease does the vaccine target? Polio

How many people died before the vaccine? 1,700-3,200 (1950-1954)

How many people have died after the vaccine? less than 100 (1956-present)

How many people suffered before the vaccine? 10,000-56,000 (1937-1954)

How many people suffered after the vaccine? less than 100 (1956-present)

Anatomy of the disease- muscle atrophy, paralysis, death, fever, soar throat, headache, fatigue,vomiting, back and neck pain, leg and arm stiffness, meningitis, muscle tenderness and spasms

Physiology of the disease- disease of the anterior horn motor neurons of the spinal cord and brain system caused by poliovirus affecting the central nervous system and motor neurons, the virus can infect a human through water supply, touch or food and then it infects the throat and intestine where it begins to replicate spreading to other parts of the body,including the bloodstream

How does the vaccine work? An IPV virus, consisting of killed polio virus strains, is injected into the blood or orally given and produces antibodies in the blood preventing the spread of the virus.

Is the vaccine alive, dead or a protein? dead

There are 3 types of polio: non-paralytic (does not lead to paralysis), spinal-paralytic (can result in the paralysis of one or more limbs), and bulbar (can result in weak muscles, reflex loss, and respiratory problems).

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