Shale By harper

You can find shale on the mountains

or in sandy places

Or somewhere near a road

Or in really worm places

Hardness it can be scratched by other rocks

Color it is like a faded teal or blue or gray

luster it is ruff and not shiney

uses for the rock it can be used to make stuff

it can be found in caves or a rock store

1 shale can be found in caves

2 shale can cost alot

3 shale is dole not bright

4 shale looks like a plain rock but it is not


Created with images by James St. John - "Green shale" • James St. John - "Gray shale" • James St. John - "Mudcracks in gray shale" • Nicholas_T - "Rise" • dsearls - "2013_06_25-26_syd-akl-lax-iad-ewr_301" • James St. John - "Shales & ironstone (lower Pottsville Group, Lower Pennsylvanian; Irish Ridge East roadcut, near Trinway, Ohio, USA) 9" • Keith Yahl - "Painted Desert" • Shawn Allen - "Crack" • W__ - "Gap" • OakleyOriginals - "Shale Flats" • W__ - "Layers"

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