Hit Me With Your Best Shot! Rock of ages

'Rock of Ages' is a rags to riches rock and roll musical theatre piece. The choreographer Mia Michaels created "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." Not only to entertain but with cleverly selected movements, conveys the message that Patricia Whitmore the main female dancer is hiding a huge secret as she is Stacee jaxx's ex groupy and girlfriend. Michaels conveys this stern however impressive message through steps, space, dancers and costumes. Michaels does this in an exceptionally intriguing way

Mia Michaels uses a wide variety of steps to convey a strong message through this piece. The most important movement is the motif. Whitmore held her hands clasped together in a fist with her pointer finger extended to symbolise a gun. With this she points it towards the image of Stacee Jaxx displayed on the wall. Whitmore and her stepford wives all do this a number of times through out the dance,whilst using different levels and angles. This is present when Whitmore and her stepford wives are strutting down the church hall and all jump out in different directs and make this motif with there hands, Whitmore points it toward Jaxx and the stepford wives all fans out in a semi-circle pattern. Mia Michaels does this to inform the viewers that she want to exterminate Stacee Jaxx for good. Not only is it because of his offensive mottos and hideous music taste, the undercover leading motivation is to keep Whitmore's own shameful past a secret. This use of choreography is compelling.


Space is a non-movement component used through this musical theatre performance. The space in the dance "Hit Me With Your best shot" starts at the back of the church hall, with the lead Patricia Whitmore and her stepford wives together in a tight triangle. They then dance there way towards the front of the church where an image of Stacee Jaxx is hung on the wall. Whitmore and two stepford wives huddle together in a small triangle while the other female dancers dance in between the church pews. Michaels does this to demonstrate the hierarchy throughout the female dancers. The use of religious venue show how un-innocence Patricia really is. By doing this Michaels creates an unexpected effect as we would not expect these females to throw themselves around in a well respected and professional place, creating a stronger power behind the dance.

Sex, rock and ..... eh sex

The non-movement technique that is used throughout the piece is the dancers. One main female dancer and 9 back up dancers are used to perform this interesting dance. This is done to create a hierarchy by giving more focus and power toward Patricia Whitmore. This is a very simple, however effective way of making the viewer focus their attention toward the lead female. Another non-movement component used is the choice of sophisticated costuming. Patricia and her stepford wives wear bright pastel coloured pant suits, skirts, high heels and pearls with neat hair and in-excessive makeup. Doing this symbolises wealth, class and standards. The use of bright pastel colour creates the effect that they are goodie-two shoes. By using this clever choice of colours and clothing we view the stepford wives completely different whereas if they where dressed in black then it would have a different effect on us.

Conclusively Mia Michaels "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" choreography is executed with astonishing technique by using steps, space, dancers and costumes. She conveys the message of Patricia Whitmore's tragic past with Stacee Jaxx. This choreography effectively portrays this message and keeps the viewers sitting on the edge of there seat just waiting for the next strange however captivating movements.


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