Púpila de águila Alfredo Gómez Cerdá

Martina is a young woman living in Madrid for his studies. One day, the young woman is undergoing an operation. At the hospital in which the involved meet Igor, a young man of his age, full of problems. The boy tries to solve them by means of the suicide. The vision of Igor in a State apparently comatose produces in Martina a terrible impression. And is that, in addition to the made in itself, this le recalls a tragedy suffered in meat own: the death of his brother Toni, to who adored, in a mysterious accident occurred in Madrid. Gradually going born a friendship between Martina and Igor that then is transformed in a love youth. More afternoon, Martina is imposes the duty of find out that happened really with his brother, under what circumstances died and in what environment is unfolded. Finally see the truth and the young has that face is before the raw reality of them roads of the crime that had followed his brother Toni and that you cost the life. At the end of the school year it returns, somewhat disenchanted, his people from the mountain. Seems to be that its ties with Igor is have broken for ever. The reunion is practically impossible. He only data that Igor knows of the village where Martina is passing the summer with your family is that is near a village that smells to cookies. However, this made no hinders to the in love, who begins a journey to find it.
It is mainly a Spanish writer of children's literature. Degree in Philology Spanish, gave their first steps towards the theatre but is more known by their works to the public child and youth, field in which is has become in one of them authors of reference. Many of his books have been recognized with prestigious awards, inside and outside of Spain.

Why did you choose this book?

Because my best friend gave it to me and it is very important for me.

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