Blue Wave Reality Augmented Education


Reality Augmented Education

Our Product

A platform for educators to teach through Virtual Reality, to have a hub for all teachers and students to go to online from all parts of the world. Removing the boundaries set on people by distances, time and ability.

Company Aims

  • To have our product be the forefront of educational tools.
  • To establish a well known brand, having RAE as the dominant platform for educational VR.
  • To develop an online community centered around building educational tools.
  • To allow users to create their own businesses using our product.


  • Allow anyone in the world to create and customise their own virtual classroom.
  • Have a large library of online resources and assets ready to import to each classroom.
  • Allow students to use their teacher's classroom at no cost to them, through a free version of the program.
  • Design intuitive controls with informative tutorials for beginners


  • Allows for active online learning.
  • Fully immersed, without distractions.
  • Personalised learning worldwide.
  • Cultural education
  • Visual and interactive learning.
  • Benefits deaf and HOH.
  • More accessibility for disabled people.
  • Allows for worldwide language education.

Target Audience


Teacher Edition - Monthly, quarterly, and a yearly fee (which will be at a reduced price). Assets can be placed onto the store at a price, however the company will take a 10% share of any purchases of these assets.

Student Edition - Completely free. Allows students to join any virtual classroom and make use of the assets inside.

Business and institution Edition - Yearly fee. Licenses for per-name users and per-device. Targeted towards large organisations.

VR Application

What is Virtual Reality?

VR Prices

HTC - £769.98

Playstation VR - £332.49

Oculus Rift - £539 (with controllers it's £652)

Samsung Gear VR - £48.75

An Emerging Industry

Statistics shows revenues from virtual reality products and software are expected to spike from just $90 million in 2014 to %5.2 billion in 2018.

It is forecasted that AR/VR could hit $150bn revenue by 2020, with AR taking the bigger share around $120 billion and VR at $30 billion.

Infographic of expected Virtual Reality revenues.


Current VR logos adopt a minimalistic style, that reflects its technological and modern state that VR represents. They often stick to at most a two tone colour palette.

Blue has connotations with new digital media that promotes positivity and intellectual connotations. We created a few logos using the line elements as a way of conveying the shape or movement of waves. The font conveys a minimal look through its sans serif and the larger kerning between the letters.


The programmes unique customisation extends beyond a simple character interface, each 'classroom' or 'workspace' will be fully customisable from a blank template of an education establishment, allowing the user, in this case the teacher, to place various assets, and models from our online asset store, including:

  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Blackboards
  • Wall Colours
  • Wall Accessories (Maps, flags, Numbers, books, quotes)
  • Personal Items

Fully customisable to the teachers learning style and preference, each programme will come with a basic set of assets to get the user started.


The student may login to the server and enter the world already sat at a desk and ready to learn(Student License), with the teacher facing the students, through a different login access (Teacher License).

Unique codes will allow for individual or group learning (Max 30 students), provided through the teachers access and an agreed time.

The final product will have between 8-10 classrooms placed inside a virtual school, ready to be attended, rather than in the example mountain environment as seen.

Concept Art

Concept art of how the base classroom would appear to the teachers before customisation. Inside will be blackboard or whiteboard and open space for assets to be placed.


Avatars would allow users creative freedom and freedom of expression in order to create themselves how they wanted.

As our product will be very personal, it will be important to allow users to create an avatar as close to themselves as possible, taking into consideration skin, hair, eyes, etc colours and enough options to provide for as many as possible. Also to be inclusive we would provide additions to the avatar, such as religious hats or headscarves.

Similar to the Wii Mii, the base body of the avatars will not be as customisable as the face. The only customisation will be the body shape, height, and the shirt colour.


Soundscapes are the mixture of everything within a piece, whether a film or a game, the sounds you hear from music to special effects are included in a soundscape.

Sound goes beyond the idea of a simple, memorable soundtrack. It's the small, minute noises you hear in the background, it's the technical placement of a microphone, out of shot but within range, and it's the clarity (or not) of speech.


For example a similar app which is designed to help people study and relax is 'Relax Melodies' which is available on the app store. The app consists of both sounds and melodies which can be combined to make a personal soundscape for users.




Business Cards

A common effective way we will market our product would be via business cards that we would offer out at corporate events, digital festivals and schools and institutions themselves.

Digital Festivals

Digital festivals area an ideal setting to showcase our product and what our programme offers users. We could potentially set up a working VR headset with our programme installed to allow individuals an opportunity to see the first hand what Blue Wave has to offer.

Social Media

Almost essential that companies have a social media presence in order to maintain a constant update and feed to their followers. We have set up a Facebook page with a regularly updated feed so it creates a sense of community with our consumers, where they feel they can share creativity or enquire with other members.

This not only serves as a way of updating users on news and information, but also acts as a advertising tool to create a larger following.

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