Global Warming By Harrison Rindfleish

Global Warming

The ‘Bear Necessities’ of Climate Change.

Newspaper- The Environmental Bulletin

By Harrison Rindfleish

Central Coast: Global warming has the potential to affect us all. It is threatening our people, animals and places we love. Regardless of where we live, our economic and social status and our individual political stance this contemporary issue is one which is occurring and is impacting upon us all. Our world is becoming too hot to handle and the effects are continuing to increase whether we like it or not.

According to Scientists and individuals such as Al Gore climatic change is more than just a rise in temperature it is an issue which impacts on every aspect of the world either directly or indirectly.

Climate change has caused sea levels to rise, animals to migrate, precipitation to increase, invasive species to thrive, ice to melt, greenhouse gases to increase and species such as the polar bear to travel long distances to find ice.

Developing countries are most vulnerable to climate change because of their lack of money and technology they have less capacity to adapt to climate change. Millions of people in Africa and Asia who live in large areas who live near river deltas are affected because they are developing. Tropical poor countries are another example of people who would be affected from climate change. Drastic climate change in tropical places can lead to droughts and heatwaves.

There is currently people who are making a difference such as the awareness group of The Australian Conservation Foundation and The World Wide Fund for Nature. These groups go to schools and community groups to raise awareness on the issue. It is great that these groups are making a difference but what can ‘you’ do to help. For a start you can reduce and dispose of waste, reducing waste stops build up in garbage piles which then stops the gas methane producing which is a harmful greenhouse gas. You can also plant trees. Carbon Dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas and planting trees can stop or slow down Global Warming.

In conclusion global warming is a global issue that needs to be stopped you can contribute toward the health of our planet by recycling and other methods suggested in the text. Let’s make Global Warming a myth and just a memory for citizens of our future, “so let’s make it a thing of the past”.


What did I do well?

When undertaking the speaking, viewing and representing assessment the component which was done well involved the creation of the visual text on Photoshop. It was initially a challenging task as it was the first time I had ever used the program. However after the preparation lessons and presentations, my skills continued to progress which helped me to create my visual text.

What would I do differently if I had to do the task again?

If I were to commence and complete this task again I would alter my time management. This would provide additional time to evaluate what needs to be included and what needs to be removed. I would also ensure the marking criteria was looked at carefully before starting the task.

What did I need help with?

To complete the task I needed help with uploading images and texts to different programs like 'Thinglink' and 'Adobe Spark'. This component of the task was challenging as I am not a very computer orientated and confident with uploading information. I also struggled with using the correct termination on 'Thinglink'. The reason for this, was that I didn’t know how to set up a piece of text on an annotation on 'Thinglink'.

The main thing about the art of persuasion is:

The main thing about the art of persuasion is that no matter what type of text you use, whether it is visual or a piece of writing it captures the audience’s attention if the right criteria is included. The art of persuasion can often be simplistic in design but if presented correctly will evoke a reaction and possibly a response to an issue. The art of persuasion can also use a variety of different methods such as; salience, vectors, composition, pathos and direct appeal to appeal to an audience.


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