From motor to Smart-Car a story about the evolution of the vehicles

From the first car built in 1908 we have tried to improve the engine to have better motors. the improvement of cars is one of the most beautiful example of the human intelligence, infact we have created a tool that can transport person, animals and whatever we want wherever we want.
At this time it's impossible not to see that the spread of cars is improved, infact almost every person who live in modern society, have a car. somebody have more then one. Whiches improvements have cars in the 21st century? These are some of the most interesting and usefull systems that cars have.

The first improvement is the engine changing: now some cars have an hybride motor that allow to use the power of electricity to power the car. These are three example of hybrid car.

And now we will see the most usefull and technologic systems supplied to the new cars.

- Assisted braking systems which are activated according to the distance

- Parking systems that help the driver to park the car autonomously

- Autonomous driving systems that can almost be described as "car drivers"

- System control via a remote control

The differences that we can see from the old car to the new car is striking and we can understand why we prefer use the car for every minimum trip.

Tanks to all

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