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About me

I teach maths, science in a primary school in Parma, a beautiful city in Emilia Romagna, in the north of Italy. I love teaching and I love keep my mind always active. In my school, I am also an ICT Coordinator and I attend this course to improve my competences about network and ICT infrastructure

1.1 School case study 1: "Start simple"

Although in my school there is an ICT team of teachers , of which I am a member. Students have access to technology through a computer lab and through an IWB in each classroom. At the moment no BYOD practice is used. I teach primary, so we play online games to get used to the keyboard and the mouse, what help us too to improve our hand-eye coordination. We also use the digital board to do things together and to see some interesting videos.

1.2 School case study 2: A more extensive setup

I teach in a class 2.0. In my school there is a fibre broadband, so the connection is good. In every classroom there is an interactive whitebord. We have a computer lab too.

Activity 1: the educational purpose of the ICT infrastructure

What is your school using ICT for?Is there a school vision for ICT? Yes, luckily my principal is very interested in ICT. So we have an interactive whiteboard in every classroom. On our Institute’s website we have a repository of best practice. In my Institute we have some templates for our projects. There are some Institute projects, some school projects and some class projects. My school Institute takes part in a lot of local initiatives. I use a lot ICT, because I have a cl@ss 2.0. Maybe the only subject in which I don’t use ICT is Physical Education. We can use ICT in new pedagogical uses similar: PBL, Inquiry..… to do some presentations or some researches on the web. I don’t use the computer lab, because I have 25 iPads for my pupils in my class.

Activity 2: Upgrading the school infrastructure

In my school, that is formed by 5 separated institute, thanks to digital school plan we will improve our lan and wlan connection. By now only the school where is the secretary has a good wifi connection, while the others are less fortunate and have an old type of connection.The wifi system is a good network and it allows all teachers and students to work at the same time. The wifi system in my school is very performed. New types of devices or services you could put in place? Only tablets. I provide technical support in all the schools. They are organizing internal courses in order to give the possibility to solve small problems by ourselves.


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