Earth , Moon , and Seasons . by : Stacy SAenz-Ramos

Nile River
Earth's rotation takes about 24 hours to rotate through its axis .
Revolution of Earth is the movement of something around something else .
Calendars has 365 days on the whole thing . There are actually about 365 1/4 days . There is a 4 year where theres 366 days and thats a leap year theres an extra day added to February so it'll have 29 days instead of 28 days .
Seasons the suns light goes onto earth and makes one of the poles ( South or North ) hot ad the heat spreads in that area . We have seasons because earth is tilted .
Earth's tilt lets us to have seasons. The earth is tilted away from the sun for part of the year which makes winter .
June is the warmest in the northern hemisphere . So this is summer
December is the darkest month in the northern hemisphere . This makes this part of the earth winter .
March is kinda the middle of it which makes it the end of winter and the start of spring .
September is like March in the middle kinda so it's the ending of spring and the start of fall . September and March both have equal night .
Moon motion around the earth . The moon moves around the earth on it's own axis . The moon takes about 27.3 days to make a full circle around earth.
Phases . The moon does not create light the light actually comes from the sun and reflect off of the moon and on to earth .
Solar eclipses is when the sunlight reflects off of the moon to cast a shadow on earth .
Lunar eclipses is when the sunlight reflects off of the earth and cast a shadow on the moon .
low tides are tides lower than usual tides that don't cover much and are very calm .
High tides are tides that are higher than usual tides and cover more land and rocks that are in the ocean like in the picture .
Spring tides are tides right after a full moon usually only happens 2 times a month .
Neap tide is a tide that occurs when the sun and the moon are at right angles . A neap tide is different then a high tide or a low tide and it only occurs 2 times a month .


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