Parent's Guide To The Internet by : Walter E

Make sure to limit screen time. Extended screen time can cause insomnia.

Studies show that most people fall asleep within reach of their devices. Remain weary of the time your children spend on their electronic devices. It's been proven that long exposure to screens can cause insomnia, and addiction to electronic devices is a very real thing, along with NoMophobia, or the fear of being without a mobile phone.

Your kids aren't going to tell you everything they do.

Of course a bit of privacy isn't going to hurt your children, but you should remain conscience of the things that they do. The internet gives children a lot of opportunities to do things they wouldn't normally do in real life(See sexting and cyber bullying for more info).

Things to watch out for


There are a lot of viruses on the internet. Remain conscience of shady looking websites, and strange looking prompts such as: "YOUR COMPUTER HAS A VIRUS DOWNLOAD NOW TO CLEAN YOUR COMPUTER" This itself is actually a virus. It will prompt you to install a program to remove a virus, but the program will actually install a virus. Remember this is only 1 kind of virus, there are many different kinds. In addition, don't download anything that doesn't come from a reputable webpage. Instead only trust websites that are based in major corporations, if your not sure if a site is reputable, do a quick google search about the business who made the website, and remember shady websites sometimes fake logos! So be extra careful if something doesn't look right.


When creating a password make sure it is something fairly complex, but easy for you to remember. Make sure it's not something simple like your date of birth or your name because these types of passwords are easy for people to find out. Try to include numbers, capital letters and at least 7-8 characters. Once you've made a good password write it down on a piece of paper and store it someplace safe. Also make sure to NEVER share your password on the internet! Identity fraud is a real issue, and taking extra precautions when making a password is an excellent defense.


Make sure to thoroughly educate your children about the dangers of sexting. It is ILLEGAL and the consequences can be severe. It has ruined lives.


Educate your children about the dangers of cyber bullying, and the damage that it causes people. Make sure they understand that what they say matters no matter where they are: online or off.

Don't be afraid of the internet, but remember to remain conscience of everything you do and be careful out there!

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