The Sound Of Music titles TO help promote music literacy

Recently, there have been two events in my life that inspired me to post about music literacy and the benefits it can have in the school atmosphere:

First: After 2-3 years of only seeing my trombone when I opened the closet to get the vacuum cleaner, I joined up with a community band. I have very much enjoyed getting "the chops" in shape again and performing with a group.

Second: I've attended a number of Minnesota Orchestra concerts where the ensemble plays the score of a popular film while the movie shows on a big screen behind them (the most recent outing being 2009's "Star Trek"). Every single time, I'm blown away by how instrumental music combined with visuals can produce such strong emotion.

I grew up immersed in the culture of music (from the not-quite-dulcet tones of middle school band to the professional group I'm with today) and can easily see how much it has enriched my life. As such, I would like to recommend some new titles for classroom/library collections that promote similar experiences for our young people. This post will mostly feature instrumental music/ensembles, as that is what I'm most familiar with musically (I'll have to find someone here at Mackin who was in choir to do a vocal music post!)

Let's begin with some general titles about the basics of music and its history...

9781849943093; Grade 1-3
9781847808615; 4-6
9781482463514; PS-2
9781843095361; 7-12
9781680483727; 7-12
9781502622716; 7-12
9781502622976; 8-12

Because STEAM resources are popular right now, music is also easily-relatable to science, as evidenced by these titles...

9780876597316; K-5
9781624039621; 3-6
9781680782486; 4-8
9780778722526; 5-8
9781422234129; 5-8
9781484626436; 6-9
9780766069602; 6-12

For students who want to make music a career path, these books will help guide them in that direction...

9781607537625; 1-3
9781515748984; 3-6
9781682821381; 7-12

The younger crowd will appreciate these picture and early-chapter books dealing with musical topics...

9780553538144; PS-2
9780763678920; K-2
9781481444842; K-3
9781554515653; K-3
9781481430951; K-4
9781496505347; 3-5
9781933767420; 4-7

Finally, these titles (for older readers) more deeply examine topics involving some unique or interesting aspects of music...

9781492638810; 7-12
9780804188937; 10--Adult
9780374277901; 10-Adult
9780316260671; 10-Adult
9780393241921; 10-Adult
9780465034994; 11-Adult
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