Greece By: Lauren


Greece had many montains, and islands. The main land of Greece is a peninsula. Many acient Greeks used the sea to make a living. Many became fishers, sailors, and traders. The climat was mild and that was good for growing crops. The montains was not a help for the farms. The montains seperated the citys from each other. The effect of that is that the early cities became indapentdent.

The Minoans wereon an island named, "Crete" that is southeast from the main land of Greece. They chose that spot because it was easy to trade to Egypt and Syria.

Class Divisions

In Geece man that own land are a citizan. They treat each other as an equals. They have their own responsibilitys and duteys. Geece was made up of city-states. Within each city-state the citizens ran it. If you were contated as a citizan then you would have to be a man that was born in Greece and you will have to own land. Woman, children, and slaves did not count as a citizan. Sparta was diffrent though. The man left for war and the woman had the rights. In other If you was a citizan you could go out into town and you could vote. Other civilizations did not have this. They had subjects that served them. For example Mesopotamia and Egypt had subjects.


Greece had many types of art. They had murals, unfrtently none of them had made it through the night. But they did have potery. Potery had red on black, or black on red. The bigger pices of potery had secnes of myths. The smaller ones had secnes from daily life. Another type of art is architecture. The Parthenon, is a building that anors Athena ( a goddes ). In that time sculpters was humans. They wore not the exact face or human but they made it seem like he/she was more pretty.

The Greek artist tried to create art that would inspire people. They had some paintings of Greek god and goddes and that made people might want to become priest.

Alexander the Great spreaded the Greek art and ideas to Africa and Asia.

Organized Government

Derect democorsyis when citizans vote on their own. Repersantative is when people elect many people then narrow it down. Tyranny is when people rule very bad. If are crule that means they are a tyranny. An oligarchy is when a tiny group of people rule. Each one has and advanted and a disavantige. For example, Trump, a lot of people are not happy that Trump is going to become our presadint. This is because od democorsy. In both ways people who do not get their way might over react. Also it is the fair way to do things. A tyranny has nothing but that the ruler is very crule and the place will have a hard time with that. But and oligarchy is when a dision can be fair but might take a little bit longer. The Sparta ruler or Sparta was a very good oligarchy. Tyrannos ran a tyranny in Greece. I belive that the Repersantative democorsy is the best because it makes things fair and when people dicid to over eact it is their own falt.


In Greece the people belived in gods and goddess. The Greeks built tempals and made storys about them. FOr example of a god, Zeus was the ruler o the gods and goddess. He through his lighting bolt at his enamys, and he ruled the sky. His brother Posidon was the second in comand and he ruled the sea. Poseidon had a trydent that could make earth quakes.

Writing Sysomes

αβκδεφγηξκαλμνοπκρστύβωυχζ this is the Greek alphebet. There is not much to talk about but it looks like the English one but not all the way. γεια πώς είσαι This is how you say "Hello, how are you?"


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