Earl the polar bear By: avery

Earl the polar bear was tired of looking at snow and ice. There was snow as far as Earl could see. I'm tired of this snow Earl told his mother. I am going to go where I can can see some thing different. But you are a polar bear said his mother it didn't matter to Earl.

He packed up his things and got a p,and ticket to Florida. He got a job there and is working for electrical industry at his job he met this girl.

Soon after that they started dating. They were dating for 2 years then Earl proposed to her and 4 mounts later they got married. Then they had a kid.

Earl remembered that his mom is still Antarctic so he bought her a plane ticket a got her a house. So now she can see her grandchild.

They took a family trip to Disneyland and they loved it so much they took another trip. They also took a trip to Antartica to see Earl's dad. And then Earl's dad moved in with Earl's mom.

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