The life of Catherine Blaikley By Natalia heckER

The photo above is showing fishhooks made out of deer-toe bones. They were made by the Powhatan to fish. The fish was used for food and clothing.

This is a photo of a replica of the boat “Suzan Constant.” It was used by the British to transport people and cargo. There were 54 passengers on the boat, as well as many sailors. It was very cramped and cluttered, and it took about 5 months to get to Virginia.

This morning, I woke up to the sound of my husband throwing up. I immediately jumped out of bed, and ran to the doctor at the apothecary. I explained that my husband was ill, and he recommended ginger for him. The doctor told me to check on my husband so he could prepare the Medicine. When I went back home, my husband said he was feeling better, so I said we might as well go to the apothecary ourselves. When we arrived, I saw an entire row of medicines. There was ipecac which makes you throw up when you swallow something poisonous (it tastes HORRIBLE, by the way), there was digitalis, which helps people with heart problems, there was a bar of dark unsweetened chocolate, which helps headaches because it contains caffeine, and there were many other medicines and some candies/sweets. The doctor gave my husband what he needed, and he felt better in no time.

My husband's friend peter pellnam invited us to dinner at his house tonight. His house is very spacious considering he is in the middle class like my husband and I, and he even got it for free since it is connected to the public gaol! It had 2 floors, and he lived with 6 out of his 12 children. He had a dining room/parlor, a kitchen, a bedroom on the first floor and more on the second floor. My favorite room was the bedroom, because it is the most elegant.

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