My Hootsuite Certification Experience A 5-Star program

This past week, I spent hours working to get Hootsuite Certified for my social media class at the University of Louisville.

At first, I was not very excited about the assignment. I don't want to run social media for a big company or an event as my future career, and did not see how learning to work Hootsuite would benefit me.

Boy, was I wrong.

Hootsuite is an awesome program that allows you to manage multiple social media platforms from one dashboard. It is an amazing resource for large companies and corporations, especially with its option to create an organization with hierarchies to manage an account that has multiple employees needing access. Within the organization, super admins can control access that specific employees have on the account and can make assignments to employees through Hootsuite.

While the tutorials talked a lot about using Hootsuite from a business point of view, I was able to see how Hootsuite could benefit individuals as well. Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts to social media platforms in advance- my favorite part of the program. This is beneficial to companies, but also could be beneficial to individuals who blog, run more than one account, or even just have busy lives and want to post at optimal times! I was recently crowned Queen of the Kentucky Derby Festival. Part of my duty in this capacity is to thank sponsors and promote events that I will be at on my personal social media. In the next 2 weeks I will attend over 70 events and sleep will be valuable. I plan to use Hootsuite to schedule tweets and Facebook statuses to promote events throughout the Festival and to thank sponsors that I know I will see in advance. Something else that is really cool is that if you want to schedule a post in advance but don't know when to have it sent, you can select auto schedule on Hootsuite and Hootsuite's algorithm will choose the best time to send your post!

Besides being able to schedule posts, Hootsuite also allows you to follow specific threads and comments on social media platforms. Depending on your interests, you can create a thread to follow a specific hashtag, word, or account and every tweet or mention will show up in that thread. Creating threads is a great way to monitor and listen on social media and allows for faster crisis response time and damage control. You can even remove and monitor Youtube comments from the dashboard.

I learned so much from the few hours that I spent learning about Hootsuite this week. I especially liked that the video tutorials had a closed caption option. Personally, I learn better when I can read the words that are being spoken so I really appreciated this feature. This feature is also helpful for people who are deaf or may not be able to play the videos out loud.

I would 100% recommend learning to use Hootsuite no matter what career field you are going in to. Hootsuite makes it easier to manage your social media without having to be on your mobile device 24/7. It also helps you manage and view your online reputation with its analytics and metrics devices. Hootsuite has so much to offer to people with all kinds of interests AND is extremely user-friendly. I could not recommend this program enough.

Below are all of the lessons that Hootsuite offers for FREE! Check them out!

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