The way life is for immigrants By.Joshua Lessard

This is the refuges stats.

40.8 million displaced refuges

21.3 million refuges

3.2 million asylum seekers

4.9 million Syria refuges

What surprised me the most was how they were able to get and make there own jobs. The kids were having a hard time going to school because there last school got bombed or the bomb was very close to the school. They all had a hard time with the gun fire out side the camp because it made them still feel unsafe yes I think we should welcome them but I do think we should still keep the crazy background checks up to date. I think they would need food a place to stay, clothes a way to get transportation and last I think a job.

Facts on the host and origin countries for refuges.

The us has welcomed 84,995 refuges from across the world.

Average refuges from the past five years is Around 75,000 refuges.

Top five countries of origin for refuges.

Syria 4.9 million

Afghanistan 2.7 million

Somalia 1.1 million

South Sudan 778,700

Sudan 628,800

Top five hosting countries

Turkey 2.5 million

Pakistan 1.6 million

Lebanon 1.1 million

Iran 979,400

Ethiopia 736,100

Prevents the order of refusing refuges to the United States.

It effects the refuges that already were going through the process of coming to the u.s but is also affecting the green card holders and the refuges the are u.s citizens.

My opinion on the immigration order would be I think we still do the back grounds but make them a little faster and I think we should still let the in because they haven't caused us any harm yet. And as long as we keep them coming in and don't kick them out we with never have a problem . In the past 12 years there has never been a attack from a person that was born outside the u.s but they have alway been born in the u.s before doing the crime.

Image site and what they are describing. (Image of refuges coming from over seas) (image of the refuge camp) (Image of immigrants wanting to be a part of America) (Image of a little boy who died trying to leave his country on a boat) ( image of a refuge camp) ( image of refuge walking to have better safe lives) (Image of refuges making jobs in camp to keep them occupied) (Image of refuges hearing gun fight right outside the camp)

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