A Broken Crime By: zoe becker

3.2 million students are victims of bullying today. That is half the number of people killed during the holocaust and is approximately the population of not one, but two New York states. 3.2 million people. Each person with a life and a family and someone who truly cares about them. Out of those 3.2 million people, how many do you think to survive, literally and figuratively? How many of those people take their own lives. How many of those people lose themselves because of the actions of others? How many have to go through life having to live with these terrible times? Bullying “laws” need to not only be stricter but known and understood throughout the world.

In America, all 50 states have anti-bullying policies. Now, wait a second… If all 50 states have laws and policies on bullying why hasn't this storm pped? Laws are enforced to create an organized and peaceful country. If there were no laws there would be chaos. As a law encouraged throughout all of the US, how is one on bullying any different? Only 10 states actually have laws on bullying and most people don't follow them. All around the world crimes are committed but how is bullying thought of as less. If these laws were as “effective” as the government says they are, then why hasn't anything changed. People all over who are brutally targeting with bullying will always carry it with them. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people have been traumatized or have to deal with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These dark patches in their lives make it hard to see the beauty in life.

When you see a stop sign what do you do? You stop. It's as simple as that. Even throughout your childhood, you learn what's right and what's wrong. How is it ok for a fully developed person to treat someone so badly and not know when to stop.

People sometimes don’t even realize how much a simple word can hurt someone. This one word can push someone so far off the edge that it could make them take their life. Isn't it crazy how one word can cause so much pain and suffering? One word should not be a weapon to kill.

When does a bully say something to another person to put them down what makes them do this? There are 160,000 teens that skip school almost every day just because of bullying. All these kids stay home scared to even go out. The fact that a person can hurt someone so badly that they risk their education is astonishing.

For a person to bully doesn't mean anything to most people. About 88% of people are bystanders. In Fact, you would think the average bystander is a friend or classmate but even teachers hold back. About 1 in 4 teachers don't see an issue with bullying, and only 4% of the time, teachers will try to stop it. There are many ways a person can be traumatized. War, fights, crimes, loss and so many others.

People don’t recognize that bullying can lead to traumatic disturbance of mental, physical, and social health. Long-term bullying is common for adults having to deal with bullying as a child. Most people after a long childhood of bullying have many difficulties such as trust issues, depression, anxiety, loneliness, and even decreasing grades. When people don't go to school or are stuck worried about what's happening not only will their GPA go down, but eating and sleeping patterns will change. If you think about it, most people could argue bullying only happens at school… They are wrong. Bullying can happen anywhere anytime and takes away people's rights to feel safe. Even cyberbullying takes the comfort and safe space away from their own homes.

If schools were to have something as simple as a counseling class 1-2 times a week kids could be provided with help. Creating a safe zone in a place that kids are mostly scared of makes it less scary to go to each day. Knowing you have someone to talk to and is supportive of you can truly help teens through issues like these.

Out of the many different types of bullying, all have nothing but negative effects. People's lives don't get better, and many people lose all hope in themselves. It's not something that might go away anytime, soon but being aware of it, gives someone a chance to make certain cases better before it gets too late.

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