Pets and friends pets

This is Noodle. A scared and timid cat that loves tummy rubs.
This is Magnus. A strong but clumsy cat that loves ear rubs
This is Lea. Karys,s dog that is jumpy on her but runs for her life when I come around. Come on.
This is Norma. A loving dog that will do anything to sit on your lap and fall asleep.
This is Taco. A Chi weenie that is very playful and hopefully loves his name.


Created with images by Bogdan Suditu - "Soccer" • Cubosh - "new cat - Luca" • Jstar1223 - "Samantha" • Pezibear - "dog maltese white" • Lunchbox Photography - "Tessie in Black and White" • brianna.lehman - "bella"

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