Design a Deck Watercolor + design + text


To be able to generate ten ideas using no more than seven lines to convey action or motion.

To be able to further develop three of their ten ideas into skateboard design themes according to the parameters.

To be able to develop and incorporate a graffiti sytle text into the design keeping the text to less than 1/3 of the deck.

To be able to use the elements of art and principles of design to create a visually appealing unique skateboard deck design.

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PART 1: Create a visual design based on line and motion

To begin, download the PDFs from iTunes U and move to a drawing app. Follow the directions on each. From these you will begin to develop a design for your deck.

PART 2: Choose a positive word and create a graffiti style font.


PART 3: Familiarize yourself with the media


Materials: Watercolor with sharpies if wanted, in small doses. Empahsis will be on using a range of watercolor techniques to build bold and gradient color.


Practice: All three techniques. Set up your pages in the same way and explore watercolor. As you work, think about how you will apply these methods to your deck design.

PART 4: Pull it all together.

Format the design based on motion and the graffiti style word together to create a visually applealing design. Remember the design should carry the piece not the text. Choose colors, remember color theory.

Draw the design VERY LIGHTLY onto the final deck paper.

Paint. If needed or wanted, add sharpie to areas to get them to pop. Consider line quality in doing so, Vary the width.


Does your piece create the sense of motion that would go with a skateboard? Do the colors work to enhance the design? Did you use a variety of watercolor techniques? Would this be a board you would want to purchase because of the creative and high quality executioj of the design?


Created with images by wZa HK - "Skateboards" • cmart29 - "colour smoke rainbow" • ShonEjai - "background graffiti grunge" • stux - "watercolor tusche indian ink wet" • FunGi_ (Trading) - "SECTR 17"

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