Joseph Hernandez Principles of business

January 5

How was your holiday and what did you do?

My holiday was far better than the last and was very enjoyable. For Christmas i spent time with both sides of my family and I spent New Years Eve at my house popping fireworks. We all sat together and watched the clock run down and as midnight came, we put on a show. I always enjoy our holiday break and look forward to it every year. The only thing that would make it better would be if it didn't go by so fast.

January 6

What is the most trouble you have ever given your parents? What is the most enjoyment you have ever given them?

The most trouble I have ever given my parents was when I started learning how to drive. For the longest time I was begging them to let me get behind the wheel even if it meant just backing up the car into the driveway. Finally they let me and to their surprise I wasn't that bad. I guess at some cases I got a little too confident and when I was pulling into the driveway I came at a bad angle and ended up rubbing along the side of my brothers car. It still amazes me today that they still allow me to drive. The most enjoyment I have ever given them was when I was nominated student council president in middle school. They were extremely proud in me, my worth ethic, and my leadership. That moment was one that neither of us will ever forget.

January 10

Does writing help you express your feelings?

Yes, I believe that writing can help express your feelings because when you write your mind is open. Sometimes your thoughts can be trapped in your mind and it affect your whole body. Stress and anxiety can be the worst thoughts of all. The affect writing has is that it allows you to release and set free those thoughts on a single piece of paper. Some people think they need to be occupied and busy to keep your mind of things, but really that's just pushing those thoughts in your head further back. People say actions speak louder than words, but really, words can express feelings actions can't.

January 12

What dream can you conceive?

One of the many dreams and goals I have in life is to attend a top university and plan for a successful life. Out of my parents my mother was the only one to go to college and as she helped raise my brother and I she has constantly pushed us towards that route. As for "planning for a successful life" I hope to take what i majored in college in, and make it into my career. My father is a business man, so like my mother, as my brother and I grew up he would teach us tips on how to run thing successfully. As of right now my brother is fixing to take on that journey and we are all very excited. For me I have three more years, but when the time comes, ill be ready and well prepared.

January 13

What are your plans for this weekend?

My plans for this three day weekend is to attempt to jump ahead on my future assignments. I have some projects and assignments that are due in the upcoming weeks and I see this as the perfect opportunity to get ahead on those projects. Also I intend to watch some of the NFL playoff games on Saturday and Sunday even though my team is not playing in any of those games. I wont be able to enjoy them as much but I am still excited and looking forward to them.

January 17

How do you decide if you like someone? How do you show interest in them?

For me, determining if I like someone is right off the bat on how they introduce themselves. I'm one for first impressions, and I believe that a first impression is very crucial in any relationship. After I get a feel for how they are and how they hold themselves, really I just let them tell me as much about themselves as they can, its astonishing how much you can have in common with them. Usually it takes a lot for me not to like someone, but after one encounter I really can't decide because I still don't really know them as they don't really know me.

January 19

Have you ever "passed on a kindness"?

One time while I was at the store buying some stuff I needed for a project, I came up short a few dollars during the transaction. As it was I was already stressing and was in a hurry to get this thing done, and coming up short on money did not help the cause. I don't know if the employee saw the frustration in my face or if he was in just in a good mood, because he told me not to worry about it and let me by. This without a doubt made my day. Later on when I went to pick up my dog from Pets Smart, I saw an elderly woman in my same predicament. She was trying to buy cat food, but was also a few dollars short. I went over and paid for the cat food completely as a way to "pass the kindness".

January 24

Who is your biggest fan?

Without a doubt my biggest fan or fans, are my grandparents. Ever since I was three years old playing rec basketball they would always go watch my games. As I went to middle school, they would always ask me where and when my next game was. Now that I'm in high school playing basketball, they are still attending my games. The look of excitement across their faces is one of the things I look forward too after every game.

January 26

What do you love most about yourself? What do others love about you?

The thing I love most about myself is my will and drive to get things done. I'm always the person who in a group project, put the chip on my shoulder. I set myself and my work at a very high standard and will stop at nothing unless those standards are met. I think I can say the same for that's what others like about me. People often tell me I have good leadership skills, and I try to use those skills in everything I do.

January 31

What do you love most about yourself? What do others love about you?

The thing I love most about myself is my will and drive to get things done. I'm always the person who in a group project is willing to put the chip on their shoulder. I set myself and my work at a very high standard and will stop at nothing unless those standards are met if not exceeded. I think I can say the same for that's what others like about me. People often tell me i have good leadership skills, and I try to use those skills in everything I do.

February 2

How do you see yourself? How do you think others see you?

I see myself as a very hard working and driven person. I always go 110% in anything and everything I do. I believe that if i'm going to do something, i'm going to try my very best to make it the best it can be. I think other people see me the same because the results show how much of a hard worker I am.

February 3

Do you treat people as they are, or as the ought to be?

I treat others as they ought to be treated. I'm one that doesn't believe in acting or treating people differently because of who they are, if they are a certain way, that depicts on how I treat them. I try to be the best person I can be, and that is based on how I treat people.

February 7

How were you taught to tell the truth?

I was taught that telling the truth would result in gaining peoples respect and trust. If you were to lie, not many people would trust you. I'm one for always being honest with people regardless of the circumstances. Even though the truth may hurt, all it takes is one lie that can completely destroy a relationship with a person.

February 9

Have your parents ever practiced "long division" on you and your friends?

Yes, my parents taught me and guided me throughout my childhood in what to expect on who I hang around with. They always told me never to hang around kids involved in drugs and alcohol at a young age. To this day they still try to push and emphasize that factor. I'm thankful they helped me with that because if they didn't who knows what would've happened? Who knows if I would've even been here today?

February 10

When has a friend opened up a whole new world to you?

My seventh grade year, a friend of mine introduced me to music of the past, like rock n roll. Ever since I was first introduced, I've been hooked. Music back then used to tell a story through a song, in which today's music heavily lacks. Since then that's a majority of what I listen to. There are sometimes where I'm stressing and need something to get calm and relaxed and that is when I listen to it most. If it hadn't been for that friend who introduced me to that genre, I don't know what I'd be listening to. It opened up a whole new world.

February 14

What is the most important advice you have ever received?

The most important advice I have ever received was from my grandfather a few years back. He told me that no matter the circumstances, let nothing distract me from achieving my highest goals. This means a lot coming from him, because he is a prime example. He's a very successful business man, with only a fifth grade education. Despite his lack of education he was still able to overcome that and teach himself the skills needed to have his own business.

February 16

What was the stupidest thing you've ever done?

The stupidest thing I have ever done was probably ride my bike to fast through Santa Monica. It was our first time in Santa Monica and It was my idea to rent and ride bikes along the beach. It was very popular because there were bike rentals everywhere. Because it was a popular attraction, they made sidewalks to keep away from any traffic on the sidewalks. Well, me not knowing better I was in the moment. I remember going as fast as I possibly could and just let the bike cruise the rest of the way. I guess I wasn't looking where I was going because a man was coming in the opposite direction and almost hit me. I remember making a turn at the last second and falling face first onto the sand. Luckily I turned in time because if I hadn't, the stupidest thing I've ever did would be putting myself in a hospital on vacation.

February 17

Today is an important day for the varsity basketball team. They're in a playoff with Mainor, which will result in a place in a playoff spot. This is do or die. The basketball program will all go to the game for support. This is the first time that San Marcos was put in this position. We've split the two games so far, so this one should be interesting.

February 21

What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

I wish I knew how hard I'd be working now, back then. Last year I used to have a lot of free and downtime, but this year I'd be lucky to get at least five or ten minutes worth. I was used to it so much that It would become a habit where I would just always relax and be stress free. I wish I could've prepared myself a little better.

February 23

Have you ever decided to leave someone behind? How did it feel?

Once while working on a group project, my partner was banking off of me helping him at the last second even though I gave him the easiest part. We had plenty of time to complete our individual assignments but he chose to wait till the last second. Since I did the majority of the project my Individual grade would be fine so I had know worries. Him on the other side was depending on me to do it for him. I finished my part late at night after working on it all day, I decided just to leave him behind to teach him a lesson about waiting till the last second and responsibility.

February 28

What is the most frightening thing that has happened to you? How did you live through it?

Growing up, one of my biggest fears was riding a roller coaster. I still cannot remember if I had a fear of heights or something but for the longest time I was terrified to ride one. Finally in the sixth grade, our class decided to take a field trip at the end of the year to Six Flags. Considering that all my other friends were roller coaster fanatics, I knew I had only one option. As soon as we got there they put me on one of the biggest ones. I told myself I just had to suck it up for about 90 seconds, but when you're in my situation, 90 seconds is a very long time. Finally when the worker locked us in, I knew there was only one way out. It wasn't as bad as I thought. It turned out that I was laughing throughout all of the flips and turns and I got on it two more times. I now enjoy roller coasters, because I faced my fear.

March 2

Have you ever received an anonymous gift? How did it feel?

No I have never received an anonymous gift before. Although one time when I came home from school there was a box of shoes with no name on them. I didn't know who it was from but then my father later than told me he was the one that got them for me. So I guess I did at one point receive an anonymous gift and it felt pretty cool.

March 3

What do you try to do "perfectly". What happens?

I try to do my school work perfectly. I try to complete my homework early, while being involved with sports and other extra curricular activities. I try my absolute hardest but sadly it results with me getting overwhelmed with work, which causes me to stress out and fall behind. I think its better to just take it one by one than to do it perfectly.

March 7

What is the best thing you've seen teenagers do lately?

The best thing I've seen teenagers do is give back to family's during the Christmas season for Brown Santa. I was able to participate this past year and I really enjoyed it. It felt nice knowing we're contributing to a family in need, in hopes of giving them the best Christmas we can. I enjoyed it so much that i'm looking forward to doing it again next year.

March 9

Has a smile ever changed your day?

There have been numerous times where I would be in a bad mood and all it took was a friend of mine to make me laugh and that changed my whole attitude. It all depends on the circumstances though because if I'm really upset about something, usually it takes more than a smile to change the way I feel. But besides that a smile is all it takes.

March 10

What are your plans for spring break

My plans for spring break is to mostly just relax. On Wednesday my family and I are going to Houston for a little get away to go and hang out over there for a day or two. We were going to go and see the Houston Astros play but due to Spring training they're out of town. I look forward to the following week and the relaxation.

March 21

What did you do over spring break?

For spring break I went to Houston to watch Pat Benatar preform at the house of blues. My family and I have been looking forward to this concert for sometime now, we went to see her last year but moments before the show she cancelled. It was worth it though, because this time we got there like an hour and a half early so we were only three rows from the stage. It was a good concert and was worth going back.

March 23

Do you know anyone who's had a major change in his or her behavior for the better? What caused them to change?

I do not know anyone who has had a major change in their behavior for the better. I can only imagine that if i did, that person would have to come to some sort of turning point in their lives for them to completely change their behavior. I always think that the better the behavior, the better the opportunity, so that's how i try to live.

March 24

What dream can you conceive? Can you believe it? Can you achieve it?

My dream is to go to College at the University of Texas and major in journalism. I've been planning on doing so ever since the third grade. I believe I am well qualified to be able to achieve it and have no doubt what so ever that I will. I set a goal at a young age that I am still working towards today. Right now as I stand three years away from it, now is the time where I push and apply myself harder than I ever have before.

March 30

What is the best thing you have ever written?

The best thing I've ever written was a speech I performed in my eighth grade award ceremony. Last year I was president of student council, and every year at the award ceremony its is always the president that speaks. I was extremely nervous because I was going to speak in front of the entire school. I received numerous compliments and I was very proud of what I w

March 31

Topic of choice

This week we took the English 1 STAAR test. English is really easy to me so I had no worry what so ever about the test. Last year I think I only missed one problem last year on the reading test so like I said I was really confident. The test was pretty easy and I think I did pretty well on it. Now comes the hard part of waiting for the scores.

April 4

When have you needed a friend most? Was someone there for you? When has a friend needed you? Where you there for your friend?

Luckily I have never been in a situation where I have needed a friend most. Despite that there is no doubt I have that they would be there for me. One time a friend of mine was stressing out because he was overwhelmed with school work and still had a project to do. He didn't know what to do. Although I was upset with him for procrastinating so much, I decided to help him because I know he'd do the same for me.

April 6

What is the balance of your personal bank account? Are you rich or bankrupt?

I think in this situation I am kind of in between, though I strive to be the best person I can be there will always be something I say or do that will not sit easy with a person. I always try to do things for people when I have the chance so in this case I always try to "deposit" though sometimes like I said, things happen and I have to "withdraw". I'm not quite rich, and I'm for sure not bankrupt so I guess I would say I have a very steady balance.

April 7

Have you ever made a resolution? What was it? Did you follow through with it? What resolution do you want to make now?

In the beginning of every year, I attempt to make a resolution to make my self a better person. Usually I do good for a couple weeks then eventually end up messing it all up. This year my resolution was to eat healthier and not so much fast food. So far I've been doing good, I've been cooking my own food with fresher and healthier food rather than frozen food with preservatives. The resolution I want to make now is to stop procrastinating and start jumping ahead of my school work. As it is right now I'm doing fine in school, but I'm willing to go the extra mile to be even better.

April 11

What is the secret to your success? What is the one thing you do that makes you successful?

The secret to my success is to pay attention to details, and to learn as much as possible from others as I can. I feel that taking the little things such as tips and advice from people will help me go in the right direction. Whenever someone is talking whether it be a teacher or just someone in general, I never blow them off because I never know what they can be saying. They could be answering a future question I may have. This is what leads me to my success.

April 13

For whom can you make life less difficult today?

I can make life less difficult on myself by staying on task and using my time wisely. It is the last day before a three day weekend so I need to fight the urge of slacking off and being lazy. This is one of the hardest things to do right before an extended weekend, but I'm going to try my best. It won't be much longer until that final bell. That is how I can make my day less difficult for myself.

April 18

Do you pretend to be someone or something that you're not? Why?

I do not try to pretend to be someone or something that I am not. I'm a very simple person and I keep it that way. I don't try to be someone that I'm not because that's not what I'm about. I am am who I am, and if someone doesn't like it, oh well. I'm not going to act a certain way just to please someone, that's why.

April 20

How are you unlike any other person? What makes you unique and different from everyone else?

I am unlike any other person because I feel that I act a little older than my age. I'm in to a lot of things that my friends are not. I have a different perspective on life. I think I'm this way because I am the youngest of my family, so growing up I was brought up listening to music from 10 to 15 years ago, and watching and being really involved with the news. A lot of my friends always look at me weird when I talk about these things because that's not what they are expecting. I guess that is what makes me unique.

April 21

What unhealthy habit would you like to break? Have you already try to brake it? How?

One unhealthy habit I would like to brake is using my phone too much. As it is I go to bed later than I would like because of homework, and when I'm on my phone It causes me to go to bed even later. I tried reducing it by just turning it off completely but somehow I end up using it. This is something I will continue doing so I can get enough sleep.

April 25

Are you carrying around "barnacles" in the form of mistakes, regrets, and pain from the past? How could you let go of these burdens?

I do not carry around any "barnacles". I believe that life is way too short to be carrying around negativity such as mistakes and regrets from the past. If I make a mistake I learn from it and move on. If you dwell in the past too much and keep that always with you those "barnacles" will prevent you from future success. That would be one way to let go of those burdens.

April 27

Have you ever been "burned" by a bad experience? Has a bad experience ever transformed you into a new person?

I have been burned by a bad experience. Once I made a decision to do something I shouldn't have and it resulted in something serious. I learned from the experience and I guess you can say " burned " myself in the fact that I wouldn't make decisions like that anymore. I wouldn't say it completely transformed myself into a whole new person but more made me more experienced.

April 28

This upcoming weekend I will spend it at a basketball tournament. This is the first one of the summer and I am really excited. I always look forward to these types of events because it gives me an opportunity to excel and compete with some of the best in Texas. This will be my first time playing up at the Junior Varsity level. I am looking forward to it.

May 4

Is there anything you hate doing, but do it anyways because it makes you a better person. What is it?

One thing I hate doing is biting my tongue. There are many times when in an argument I really want to say something back but I end up biting my tongue to prevent escalation. Although the person is wrong and I'm 100% sure I'm right, I still don't say anything because I don't want the argument to get out of hand. Especially if it's over something stupid. This is what makes me a better person because I am able to turn the other cheek.

May 9

On what do you base your self-esteem?

I base my self - esteem on my mentality. I can care less about anything outside of that because that doesn't mean anything to me. If my mentality is strong and I'm driven to do something or in cases somethings and I'm able to deliver that makes me feel good about myself. I believe that what you do is more important than how you look doing it, which is why my self -esteem is based on mentality.

May 12

What situation in your life requires win -win thinking?


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