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Questions #4

Booklet about the Children Education


  • 18 marks
  • Open answer
  • Take into account all the sources


1. Fact sheet with official data and statistics from the UNESCO about out of school children.

2. A poem that shows education as an universal right.

3. Comments from a teacher who says that children not only learn at school, but also at home, through television and social media.

4. A blog post that exposes two opposite opinions about cost free education.

How you should answer:

1. State your opinion by directly answering the question. Do you agree or disagree?

2. Give reasons for those opinions.

3. Support your answer with the sources given and also with your personal experience.

4. Show that you have considered the opposite opinion.

The key elements in your answer:

1. Do NOT copy exactly what the sources give you. Develop the information.

2. Give some evidence.

3. Topics such as governmental responsibility, individual and collective impact, barriers presented, potential conflicts, cost and access, influences, etc... Should be used in order to support your arguments.

Booklet about Wage


  • 18 marks
  • Open answer
  • Don't forget the information from the sources


1. Blog about the Maximum Wage.

2. Responses from different users.

How you should answer:

1. Developing the source's materials.

2. Giving reasons and arguments for your opinion.

3. Giving examples and writing your experience.

4. Considering global, local and individual levels.

The key elements in your answer:

1. Reference to scale of impact.

2. Difficulties.

3. Effects.

4. How long it takes to make a difference.

5. The advantages.

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