UK Tourist attractions By: Justus Boettner

Tourist attractions in Wales:

Wales has many beautiful lands.

• 1. Snowdonia is one of the most famous things in Wales it is about 3000 ft high and very beautiful mountain ranges.

• 2. Brecon Beacons National Park it is the hikers paradise on two different mountains over 1000 too 2000 ft high with many beautiful lakes, waterfalls and wild ponies.

• 3. Devil's Bridge and the Hafod Estate a big wonderful valley with lakes waterfalls and you could climb down there but it will be hard to climb back up again without ropes.

• 4. Wales by Rail you could go on a stream train and drive threw mines and very many mountains, river sides and castles.

• 5. Caernarfon Castle one of the largest castles in the UK built for the prince of wales in the 13th century.

• 6. Llandudno is the largest seaside resort town in Wales. Located on the north coast with views across the Irish Sea. There are many things for example cafes and boats and sometimes also nice promenaden.

• 7. Portmeirion is a beautiful hotel resort and visitor attraction located on the coast of Snowdonia National Park in Gwynedd, North Wales. It was built by Sir Cough Williams-Ellis between 1925-1975. It is very beautiful and is made for a nice restful one night. This hotel was designed to look like an Italian fishing village.

• 8. Conwy is Located on the north coast of Wales just a short distance from Manchester, Conwy offers just about everything one could hope for in a day trip: a stunning castle, medieval architecture, and plenty of great shopping.

• 9. Anglesey is a beautiful place there are many beautiful beaches and a bridge on a small separated island and a light tower is there too.

• 10. Pembroke shire coast is Surrounded by water on three sides and there are also historic castles and cathedrals too.


There are also many things that is want to be seen by the whole world.

1. Stonehenge: is the most popular tourist attraction in England. The stones are out of bronze and you need to book tickets to go there because so many people want to go there. The stones were placed 3000-1500 years BC.

2. Tower of London: was very many things like a Prison, palace, treasure vault, observatory, and menagerie.It is one of the most important building for England.And there you could lots of stuff so that your busy for hours.It was Built in 1078 by William the Conqueror.

3. The City of Bath:If you would want to go to a small beautiful, lovely city then it would be the best city ever.There are magnificent roman baths with 500 architectural importance beautiful houses.

4. Windsor castle: Is the largest inhabited castle in the world .Windsor Castle is built on two amazing big courtyards.And when the royal flag is flying then you are not aloud to go on the place because the royal would be in there.

5. Historic Yorkshire: Is a beautiful small place with romantic streets, churches, gardens. And its also close to the most historic and beautiful city Durham.Yorkshire is a very traditional city.

6. Eden Project: The Eden project is a really cool project where they collect plants from all over the world.Location: Bodelva, Cornwall.They have an amazing collection of plants but also unique artificial biomes.

7. Lake District National Park: Has magnificent views covering 900 sq miles. It is a must visit if you want to visit England with the beautiful lake. But there you could also do other things for example: you could hike up the highest mountain in England.

8. England also has very beautiful university like the famous Cambridge university and also the very famous and historic and very good, one of the best even university.

9.Cambridge University:Is an excellent university that works a little bit together with the oxford university.Many people also visit the university. And the university also does very special festivals and stuff like that.

This the the Olli Vanders shop of the films Harry Potter this is the real shop that was used to film Harry potter. You can go to that shop with the harry potter tour in London but you could not just go there but also to Hogwarts of Harry Potter.

These are some tourist attractions in the UK


There are many historical attractions.

1. Edinburgh Castle:The endinburgh castle is the most visited tourist attractions in the country

2. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews:There were many things invented. But the main thing to go there is to play golf. It is a beautiful golf place next to the ocean especially with nice weather.

3. Loch Lomond: I ti s a short drive from the north-west of Glasgow and it is the longest lake in the Walter Scott once said it is "The Queen of Scottish Lakes". And in the lake are very many beautiful fish.

4.Isle of Arran: It is also a beautiful countryside there you can do things like mainland Scotland, it boasts majestic mountains, moorland, sandy beaches, wildlife, castles, fishing harbors, great golf, and plenty of friendly people.

5. Loch Ness: There is a hotel next to the see of Loch Ness many people think then of the sea monster that was in many films and storys.

6.Isle of Skye: Its wild, romantic mountain scenery and green valleys, caves and attractive glens, magnificent waterfalls and sandy beaches all that is on an island just 50 miles long. It is also called "Cloud island" because of its fogy clouds.

7.The Northern Highlands: Is a spectacular highland and it is separated from the rest of the country by the "Great Glen( valley)."The highlands are mostly uninhabited.This ancient fault line was used to make the Caledonian Canal extending from the west coast to the east.

Northern Ireland:

There are many things made by the nature.

1.The Giant's Causeway: These are stones that are next to the ocean. These are really steps that was made from the nature by a volcano eruption 60 million years ago.

2.The Causeway Coast: Is a place next to the ocean where you can play golf and there are also very big waves and if you are brave enough you could go in there and swim but it is pretty dangerous.

3.The Glens of Antrim: Is a place by the ocean there are some trees with a small village and there are many hills about what this is. Inland are nine Glens of Atrim that all have there own magic.

4.The Titanic Belfast: There are nine tours also where the ship titanic was built. And there is also a museum about the titanic history and about the ships of England.

5.Londonderry (Derry): Is the second city of northern ireland it is called Londonerry but most of the people call it derry. The natural part of Derry was made away because they have so many factories by making plants with chemical and many things like that.


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