Committees By: Dalton hopkins

Standing committees: Control their area of jurisdiction occasionally adding or eliminating a standing committee when necessary. Examples: Agriculture, Armed services.
Subcommittees: Continue from one congress to the next. Specializes in subcategories. Examples: House republicans in the 104th congress.
Select Committees: Study one issue and report their findings to senate or house. Examples: Select intelligence committee
Joint Committees: Can be temporary or permanent, they have members from both parties. Examples: Joint committee on the library of congress. Conference Committee: The conference committee changes bills and makes people talk about it. House and senate change it to their liking then the conference votes on it mashes the bill votes again if it is passed the president signs it.


Created with images by angela n. - "White House" • kBandara - "Cambridge University Senate House" • jensjunge - "capitol building architecture" • National Assembly For Wales / Cynulliad Cymru - "Committee rooms/Ystafelloedd Pwyllgora, Senedd 2009" • dbking - "US Supreme Court"

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