2030 Greater Peoria A Photo Story of Highlights from the launch of GP 2030 Campaign

On September 9, 2021, a coalition of Peoria Area organizations is kicking off the decade-long campaign Greater Peoria 2030 with the goal of growing the Greater Peoria Area population and economy. The campaign is backed by Discover Peoria, the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council, the CEO Council, the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce, the Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce, the East Peoria Chamber of Commerce, the Morton Chamber of Commerce, and the Downtown Development Corporation and powered by McDaniels Marketing.

The Set up and chit chat before kick off!
"This initiative is a collaborative effort of multiple organizations that represent this region."- JD Alfonso, Discover Peoria.
"This is the best time to be in Peoria, Illinois and this is our moment to seize the momentum that we have started to build in our community."- Joshua Gunn, Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce.
"The Greater Peoria has much to offer our residents and newcomers alike due to the unique fabrics of each of our 8 counties."- Amy McCoy, Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce.
"We chose this place, we love it and we need to tell the positive things about the region.”- Chris Setti, GPEDC.
“The key themes of the campaign are Less Traffic, More Living and True Urban, Boundless Country. Showing the unique duality of the Region. The switch between the urban areas and rural country areas is just a couple of minutes apart.” - Randy McDaniels, McDaniels Marketing.
Elected officials in attendance; Gary Manier, Mayor of Washington, and Andre W. Allen 4th Disctrict Councilman for the City of Peoria.