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"Only.. I want to die as myself."

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About Me

My name is Peeta Mellark and I am the boy tribute from district 12 for the Hunger Games. I wrestle and bake/frost. I have 2 brothers and my Mom and Dad. I’m apparently very good at camouflage, but I have blood poisoning so I will probably die soon so.. Yea I don’t know yet, hopefully not though.

Latest Blog Entry

“Come here to finish me off, sweetheart?”

Thank god she finally found me. Probably the only reason she did though I because of the new rule. Whatever I’ll get what I can take.



“Peeta where are you?”

Huh? Can she not hear me? That’s odd. Wait, even if she can’t, why doesn't she see m… Ohh, is my camo really that good? Must be. Ha. Alright let's try to get up.. Nope, nope bad idea. Ow even that hurt. Oo here she comes.

“Well, don’t step on me.”

My eyes are closed so i don’t see her, but i can hear and feel the wind of her suddenly jumping back. And time for the big reveal… drumroll please.

She apparently sees my eyes because she gasps. Thank the lord that we’re together again.

My Interests and Favorites

  • I can carry over 100 pounds.
  • I came in 2nd at my school's wrestling tournament.
  • I frost those cakes everyone loves in the windows.
  • I made it to the top 6 (Somehow) of The Hunger Games.
  • I love decorating cakes.
  • I also like baking.
  • I also like someone (wink wink).
  • I also really like that someone's squirrels and other foods.
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