the chab life By. Team mattino

CHABatastic By: Carl Paterno

In school year 2016-2017, a class list was made. Consisting of 40 students and a moderator, Chabanel was born. As time passed by, they called themselves misfits. Each and every student with their unique abilities and undiscovered talents. The class consists of believers, the athletes, a few geeks, the forever absent, feelers, and the achievers.

Each student believing God gave the chance for each of them to see, unite, and enjoy their very own class. Through being the men and women for others, each student got everybody’s back so nobody gets left behind, or forgotten. As said in the Lilo and Stitch movie, “OHANA. OHANA means family. Family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.”

As a class, they are FAMILY. United as one, empowered by each and every one’s weakness, and use it as their strength to keep on moving forward. Through ups and downs, they will stand as one and united as a FAMILY.

CHABano? More Like CHABayes! by. Riza Rapada

The past semester had been a roller coaster ride for the students of 11-Chabanel. The misfits, as they like to call themselves, went through a lot of ups and downs as a class and as individuals to get themselves to second semester.

The first half of the first semester was spent mainly on getting to know each other and adjusting to the new co-educational system as well as the newly-implemented K-12 curriculum. Upon receiving their midterm marks on the 30th of August last year, the Misfits were made aware of the reality that Senior High School is no easy task. While some students got excellent results (i.e. no marks lower than B), a lot obtained F's. In fact, one student got a total of 6 F's in his midterm marks.

However, these failures did not stop the Misfits in aiming for their own personal Magis. Although some of them joked about transferring to a new school in the 2nd semester, with a little push and an hour's worth of motivational talk from their moderator, Mr. Pocholo Gutierrez, everyone from the class hustled and bustled in putting their best efforts to become better versions of themselves in terms of academics.

The student who got 6 F's in the first half of the first semester broke boundaries and came out strong, without a single failing mark on his final card. The failing rate of the class also decreased.

Although there were still a few failures, the class was able to produce 6 honor students. Catherine Jane Basllote, Anton Gerard Benitez, Rachel Binaca Peralta and Anna Maria De Castro were 3rd honors while Joseph Lemuel Lomibao and Riza Maree Rapada got 2nd honors.

CHABundok ng Athletes by. elissa david

This section focuses on the student-athletes in the class of Chabanel. These students were given special abilities or hobbies in order for them to show others what they are capable of and what they are good at. For a student-athlete, they should be able to balance their time for academics as well as the time for their sports.

Most of the students in 11-Chabanel are known to be student-athletes. Dave Ildefonso, a well known basketball player who plays during UAAP seasons and a member of the Ateneo de Manila Junior Basketball Team. Harley Santos, one of the members of the Taekwondo team that represented the Philippines during the Canada tournament. Louise Saavedra, a member of the swimming team who also competed during their tournament. There are more student-athletes in the class such as Vinnie Vinculado (football player), J Mendoza (baseball player), Xavier Salita (Blue Babble Band) and recent Handball discoveries Anton Benitez, Miguel Liban, Edezon “The Process” Masangkay, Rizzie Rapada, and many more.

Student-athletes have the most challenging task among all the other students. It is not as easy as it seems since they must set their priorities right. Student-athletes must focus on both aspects and never leave one out. These students do the impossible and they make it look easy. Work hard. Play Hard.

Bless up we ain't going down
A short message from the Editor-in-Chief: julio matti

To our readers;

First of all, the staff of The Chab Life Magazine would like to say thanks to you readers for viewing these topics. A lot of hard work was put on the creation of these topics. And we feel that these topics are very applicable to the Ateneo De Manila Senior High School Community.

In this article, the staff of this publication talks about the adventures of a simple GA section which is 11- Chabanel. We hope this article which tells you that the life of 11- Chabanel which is a GA section which gave you a glimpse of what life is in the GA strand. Taking the example of the life of 11-Chabanel, you may want to apply to the GA strand and experience an extraordinary academic life in this particular strand.



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