Corporate Engagement Away Days, Creative Wellbeing & Team-building Workshops and Community Project support with Art4Space

Create. Connect. Inspire.

Who are we and why us?

Art4Space have been working in London bringing communities together for 20 years through our innovative art projects and commissions. We work in the heart of our community with schools, housing associations and community gardens to revive and glorify spaces through stunning mosaic projects.

Art4Space offer a range of ways for businesses to work with us and support local community projects. We can facilitate building closer relationships between businesses and their local communities as well as supporting well-being in the workplace.

We create meaningful projects and team-building away days that boost employee commitment and motivation while increasing social awareness.

Away Days with a Conscience

Corporate teams can partner with Art4Space to help create artwork for local community organisations. You will join us for one day of charitable creativity that will directly elevate and enhance a local community space. Art4Space will facilitate and organise the project throughout.

NBC's Stepping Stones for Studley Estate in Stockwell

Workplace Health

Our art workshops are found to be effective team building exercises and can improve the wellbeing of your staff. Groups or individuals are set tasks which dissolve blocks to creativity and encourage a balanced approach to problem solving. The workshops, set in an informal environment, are tailor made to suit the requirements of your organisation.

Art4Space have developed three ways to promote the wellbeing of your teams:

Mindful Mosaics

Mosaic making is intrinsically mindful. It's a brilliant way to focus the mind on the here and now and immerse the mind on a soothing creative activity.

We weave mindfulness techniques throughout our mosaic sessions to support well-being in your team. We know time is invaluable so to make for ease and comfort we come to you.

Wellbeing in the Workplace

These are regular, creative drop-in sessions for ongoing wellbeing in your team.

Artwork for your office

The objective of these days are to give participants an appreciation of individual differences and approaches to problem solving and to use techniques that develop the creative side of the brain.

Groups work together on a piece of art for the office which all can be proud of.

Commission an Artwork from Art4Space

If your company is just too busy to create an artwork but would like to refresh or revive a space in your office you can commission us to make it for you!

Logo for Studio Moross

We can create on a bespoke piece for your office and install the finished piece with minimal effort required from you and your team.

Sponsor Us!

We have an extraordinary reach across multiple groups in need of creative remedies. We work with schools, mental health groups, housing associations and community groups making a difference through visual arts.

By sponsoring us you will be connecting and enhancing communities through art and inspiring individuals through creativity.

Create. Connect. Inspire.

Contact us by email: jewels@art4space.co.uk