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October 2019

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Pastor's Message

By CJ Cousins, Pastor, Younger Generations

“How to Fulfill Our Mission”

“... you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Acts 1:8 NKJV

This applies to us corporately in the local church, as well as individually. You start in Jerusalem, or your immediate area of influence. I'll use my local church in the city of Vienna as an example. Corporately our church’s Jerusalem is the neighborhood/community surrounding our church campus and the city of Vienna. This is the primary target area for all of our ministries. Then you move out to Judea and Samaria, which for us is the larger county or cities surrounding Vienna where many of us live and do life. This is where our Grow Groups come in. Like the early church, the movement spreads through networks of disciple making small groups gathering in homes or in the spaces where you do life. Then you move out to the ends of the earth, which we have the ability to do through our online ministry. For you individually, Jerusalem means you start in your home. Then you spread out to your neighborhood, school or job. The places where you regularly do life. Don’t be afraid! Though occupied by enemy forces, the territory is yours for the Kingdom! It’s actually a very organic process. Jesus is already in the territory working on hearts, before you ever arrive. Then He invites you to join Him in the mission.

Each of you have at least 3 people in their life, right now, whose hearts Jesus is already working on and just needs you to open your eyes spiritually and develop a discipleship relationship with them.


Sabbath/September 7

  • 9:15AM Sabbath School
  • 9:30AM Audio/Visual Material due to A/V Team
  • 10:40 am Communion Services: Pastor Garry Genser
  • 12:30PM Family First Sabbath (No Potluck)
  • 6:46PM Sunset


Christianity & Islam

On October 12, Petras Bahadur, the director of the Global Center for Adventist-Muslim Relations will be the guest speaker. He will be speaking on evangelism with our Muslim brothers and sisters and will host a seminar at 1:30 pm.

Rudy Micelli Concert

October 12 at 3pm in the Sanctuary. Invite your friends to this free event! To purchase music by Rudy Micelli, please contact sister Rute Hittle (571)481-1623. CDs will not be available the day of the concert.

Women’s Grow Group

If you’re free on Wednesday morning from 10am to noon, checkout a new women’s GROW group in the Vienna area. The first meeting will be on Wednesday October 16th from 10am to noon. We will be exploring ideas and interests for different projects and activities. For more information contact Becky Feltman (703)281- 0758 or Lee Decker (703)938-3860

Angel Tree

In the spirit of this quarter’s lesson, our church has an opportunity to share Christmas holiday with “The Least of These.” This ministry reaches out to children and families with the love of Christ and We’re asking our church family to join the effort. Please see brochures posted inside the church doorways. More information to come.

Seeking Tutors

Vienna Adventist Academy is seeking tutors in the areas of math, English, and reading, on weekdays after school. Tutors will be available on a fee basis. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Vienna Adventist Academy. Shut-in Member – Shut-in Member – Many have inquired about visiting sister Jeanetta Harding. You can visit her at the Arleigh Burke Pavillion, located at 1739 Kirby Road, Room 305, McLean, VA. 22101. Visiting Hours are from 8am to 8pm.

Foreign Exchange Program

Vienna Adventist Academy will have Korean students arriving in December 2019. They will attend the school from 4 to 8 weeks. VAA is seeking a list of families willing and able to host the students and provide them with transportation during their stay. Each family will get a stipend of $250 per child, per week. If you are interested please let us know how many children you would be willing to host. To express interest or for questions, contact Claudia Bowen at claudia.bowen@viennaadventistacademy.org.

Library Request

Monthly funding sponsors wanted for church library to order materials that can be shared, used for small group

Grow Groups are Back!

Check Out these Sessions The Fall Semester of Grow Groups is well underway! Check-out the catalog on the church website or available in hardcopy at the Connection Center and join a group today!

Shut-in Member

Many have inquired about visiting sister Jeanetta Harding. You can visit her at the Arleigh Burke Pavillion, located at 1739 Kirby Road, Room 305, McLean, VA. 22101. Visiting Hours are from 8am to 8pm.

Get Connected with Jesus and Our Church Community!

We'd love to help you get fully connected to Jesus and His mission to make disciples through our local church. We'd love to get to know you better. Please fill out the form below so that we can better serve you.

Online Giving

Don’t forget you can submit your tithes and offerings on the church’s secure website, Togethernet. The log on the link below and then click on “Give”!!

911 – Is God Listening?

“Call to me and I will answer you” Jer. 33:3

If you would like to request special prayer, please email office@viennasda.org and Vienna’s Prayer Team will pray for your needs. Each request will be treated with confidentiality. Or use the Prayer Text Line – Send your prayer requests to (541) 646-6384. Garden of Prayer – After the worship service, there will be a prayer meeting in the Kindergarten room. Anyone with prayer needs is invited to attend.

Featured Link: ADRA President: “Poverty plants the seeds of religious violence” Jonathan Duffy addresses U.S. State Department on Religious Freedom

Jonathan Duffy, president of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency(ADRA) , spoke in front of a packed room during the second annual Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom Summit at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. to address the preservation of religious liberty for all.

Focusing on the theme, “Religious Freedom in Conflict and Crisis Zones: Protecting Vulnerable Minorities,” Duffy spoke about the connection between poverty and religious violence on a panel with humanitarian senior leaders.

“If our goal is to address religious freedom violations, the place to start is addressing poverty,” states Duffy. He pointed out that poverty is frequently a precursor to religious persecution as the majority turn on minorities as scapegoats during times of extreme social and economic stress.

The annual Report to Congress on International Religious Freedom – the International Religious Freedom Report – describes the status of religious freedom in every country. The report covers government policies violating religious belief and practices of groups, religious denominations and individuals, and U.S. policies to promote religious freedom around the world. The U.S. Department of State submits the reports in accordance with the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998.

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“International Sabbath,” September 21 2019

Once a year, Vienna SDA Church celebrates and embraces its diversity with a special “International Sabbath” worship service. On September 21, over 40 nationalities were featured during the opening “Parade of Nations,” emceed by Nabeeha and Louis Dennis (Jamaica). One-by-one, church members proudly carried their country’s flag of birth or heritage into the sanctuary. From Antigua to Zimbabwe, The Bahamas to Palestine, and Indonesia to Latvia, members marched carrying their flags. Guest speaker, Pastor L. Roo McKenzie, presented the Word of Life which focused on our relationship with God. The program concluded with an international food potluck directed by Nancy Panchi-Smith (Mexico) and Venice Wynn (Jamaica) supported by the Deaconesses, Deacons, and Youth. Nearly 400 attendees, including from the surrounding community, enjoyed an outdoor picnic on the church’s front lawn where cuisine from every corner of the world was featured. The potluck has always been a highlight of International Sabbath. Many volunteers put in long hours over several months to make this special Sabbath program a success. “With God’s leading, it took a ‘village’ to mount this event and by working together, everyone left blessed,” noted Nabeeha Dennis (Jamaica), International Sabbath Coordinator. “Out of Many, United in Christ.”

Alex Oswari, Pathfinder Director and Color Guard

: Color Guard Party/Pathfinders: Nathan Onoffrey: American Flag, Claire Flynn: Virginia Flag, Alexander Thomas: Christian Flag, and Ysa Dennis: Pathfinder Flag.

Adventurers: Jason Oiyer and Yohann Job

Youth Praise Team: Owura Gyamfi (Ghana), Brenda Abel (Dominican Republic) and Cynthia Bonilla (Palestine)

Antigua and Barbuda: Jared Hamilton and Lisa Hamilton

: Argentina: Flavia Grellmann

: The Bahamas: Berline Dormeus

: Brazil: Bee Cheng and Ruth Freitas

: Canada: Norman Gagnon

: Chile: Matteo Perrotti Grellmann

: Colombia: Thomas Hunter

: Cuba: Betsy Caban

: Dominican Republic: Brenda Abel

: Belize: Sabrina Collins

: Bolivia: Matthew Zarceno and Marlene Zarceno

: El Salvador: Josue Ayala and Reina Ayala

: Estonia: Samuel Maradiaga

: Ethiopia: Joshua Eshetu and Merawit Eshetu

: Finland: Quinn Laffey

: Germany: David Landgrover

: Ghana: Yaw Owura

: Greece: Samuel Onoffrey

Guatemala: Chris Wald

: Haiti: Alexander Thomas

: Honduras: Javier Maradiaga

: India: Seth Job

: Indonesia: Dale Flynn

: Italy: William Cavicchia

: Jamaica: Kelvin Flynch and Kevardo Flynch

Kenya: Jeremy Odondi

Malaysia: Libin Kutup

Mexico: Ivan Panchi-Smith, Natasha Panchi-Smith and Ezra Panchi-Smith

: Native America: Davona Rosa

: Pakistan: Jeremiah Bahadur

Palestine: Cynthia Bonilla

Philippines: Gen Laserna, Giancarlo Laserna, and Ellen Morgan

Portugal: Emily Freitas

: Puerto Rico: Dewell Paez and Ian Paez

: South Korea: Daniel Thompson

Ukraine: Suitlana Caron and Vanessa Dias

: Trinidad and Tobago: Jael LaTouche

: United Kingdom: Josiah Riley, Asher Riley, and Sabrina Riley

United States of America: Bryce Beckett, Tyler Beckett and Lesley Beckett

: Venezuela: Angelica Torres

: Zimbabwe: Sarah Msipa

: The World: Chris Pubillones and Putri Kusdarman

: Song of Praise led by Pierre August (Haiti)

Song of Adoration Angklung-Bamboo Group (Indonesia)

: Pastor L. Roo McKensie

Pastor L. Roo McKensie and International Sabbath Coordinator, Nabeeha Dennis

Parade of Nations Team: Garfield Skyers, Nabeeha Dennis, and Chris Pubillones

Nancy-Panchi Smith, Venice Wynn and members of the Hospitality and Food Service Team.