The History Of Photography

The First Photograph

This is one of the first photographs ever recorded and it was taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce and was named "View from the Window at Le Gras".

The Camera Obscura

The camera obscura was one of the early developments of photography and it meant "Dark Room" in Latin. It was invented around the 13th-14th centuries.

It was a medium to large box depending of what they want to capture but it had a tiny hole which would project the object it was pointing toward upside down and the person working it would trace the projection.

The Kodak Brownie

The Kodak Brownie used photographic film and was on sale for the public. it was a very simple camera and came preloaded for 100 exposures.

It had to be sent back to the factory when the roll is done so it could process the images and reload the roll for another 100 exposures.

The 35mm

The 35mm was widely available to the public and was a compact camera that is capable of taking high quality images.

The TLRs and SLRs

These were the first practical reflex cameras, They gained popularity after World War 2.

This is when Japanese makers entered the SLR market like Canon and Nikon which had a variety of interchangeable parts.

Instant Cameras

The Polaroid was a new type of camera that had the ability to process images under a minute. But the new camera was really high in price.

The beginning of the digital cameras

In 1981 the Sony Mavica was one of the very fist digital camera. But it was basically a video camera that records frames.

The modern day digital cameras (DSLR)

The arrival of the true DSLR was in 1999 with the nikon D1 and then it took off from there.

The phone camera

When phones started to have cameras it gain popularity instantly because it's compact and easy to use.

The new iPhone cameras have really good quality for such a small and compact camera.

Diane Arbus

Arbus was a really unique photographer, she took photos of dwarfs, giants, nudists, and circus performers.

She committed suicide in 1972 but her work is still alive. She believed that there are things nobody would have seen if she hadn't photographed them.

This photo is kind of like a series, Arbus took a lot of photos of different men in this exact pose. It really shows her style of photos.

Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange is responsible for taking one of the most famous photographs in history "migrant mother".

she took photos using the "super D" during the great depression and of Japanese americans during WWII

This is Dorothea Lange's most famous photo in history "migrant mother".

David LaChapelle

LaChapelle is an American photographer who is widely known for his photographs of celebrities.

His photos are filled with life and color, he incorporates his art with photos. Some of his photos can be perceived as "bizarre" but overall they are amazing.

This photo is a little on the side of the art that is incorporated in LaChapelle's work.

A lot of his photos have pop art characteristics in them and this is a good example of that.

Photography has changed the world and shaped it into something amazing.

This is a photo of the bow of the sunken ship, the Titanic. This is located at a depth of 12,000 feet in the Atlantic ocean.

Photography gives you the opportunity to see things you probably wouldn't see without a photo taken of them such as this image here.

Photography brings people together

People connect through photography by having the same interests/styles of photos

A project called "The Humans Of New York" was created by Brandon Stanton. It has allowed him to hear many stories/ quotes from random people around New York then publishing them to his blog or book for many others to hear and relate to these stories

This photo known worldwide as "The Afghan Girl" may just look like a girl with vibrant green eyes and a headscarf on, but there's a story behind her.

She has had a hard life, at a young age her parents were killed in a Soviet bombing and she had to care for her sisters and grandmother since that.

Photography has made a way for stories to be told without any words spoken.


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