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As I enter my senior year at the University of Oregon I am quickly realizing the short amount of time I have left to call myself a student and the impending actualization of becoming an adult. I am most productive in my status as a student, my commitments to my sorority, and my position as Social Media and Marketing Coordinator for the Student Activities Board at UO. I like to fill the rest of my time by cooking, traveling, creating, and adventuring. One day, I would like to combine the skills I have acquired in advertising and life to start a business helpful and useful to others. My current goals are to enjoy the rest of my undergrad time, graduate with pride, stay in touch with the friends who have become family, and find an inspiring career.

Snapchat Filter

After being instructed to make a snapchat geofilter for my favorite place in Eugene, I decided to make one for my apartment ("The Cage") with my friends. And with Halloween around the corner, I had to make a festive geofilter. *Don't mind the photo*


The Millennial generation has grown up with all things tech and could be considered a social media experts as early as their teenage years. I have grown up with the development of apps but was pleasantly surprised to learn of a new form of social media. Medium, a blogging app, allows users to creatively tell and read a story in new ways. With the prompt of writing about a celebrity's life, my partner Angeles and I decided to tell the story about Millie Bobby Brown. In light of the approaching Stranger Things Season 02, we found Brown to be of current interest and excitement.

Spark Video

With instructions to make a video of what I like to do, I decided to make a travel-based video connected to my interests in food, culture, and events. I dedicated this video to my journey to discover my roots.

Favorite Video Game

I grew up watching my two older brothers battle over video game controllers when I was little. I wasn't really interested in joining them on the video game hype until after the Wii came out. I remember seeing commercials for it leading up to one of my early Christmas experiences and begging my parents to get it for us, convincing them it would provide us with more household activity and exercise. To some part, that was true. I was obsessed with Wii sports after it came out because it felt almost real. I think the Wii was a breakthrough in interactive technology and the requirement of movement dragged me in. A video game turned into an active social gathering.

October 31

Favorite Gadget

While the early 00's was a time jam-packed with new 'gadgets,' one particular comes to mind as a classic throwback. In the pre-ipod/itunes era, the main source of listening to music was with a portable cd player and headphones. A gadget named, "Hit Clips," emerged and became a popular source of music listening for many kids. I remember it would attach to your hip and you had clips of hit songs that you could switch through to listen too. One could gather different songs they like, thus creating their first playlists.

October 31

Best Timely Response

Social media has brought on a variety of pros and cons to a company. On one hand, a company can connect with their consumers, but on the other, the internet is a hub for negativity. Some companies try to approach the situations and negative tweets with grace, however Wendy's is known for 'clapping back' to haters on Twitter. I may not eat at Wendy's, but I appreciate their attitude.

October 31

Facebook Certificates

Below are the three certificates provided from Facebook Blueprint showing my knowledge in utilizing Facebook's many advertising formats.

December 1

Social Media 2025

I would imagine that social media in the future is not far off from the Black Mirror episode, "Nosedive." In this episode, everything people are able to do is based off keeping a certain rating from other people via their phones and social media accounts. It is an incentive to do good in the world and to make your own way based on the appearance you give off to others. While this is a darker episode, highlighting the trap social media can be in all of our lives, I don't believe our society is far from this way of operating. In some instances, we already do.

December 1

Obsolete Technology

For many, having a home phone is still an occasional occurrence. However, my family got rid of our home phone in 2006. While I grew up with a home phone for a good portion of my childhood, sometimes I am left dumbfounded when staring at these in hotel rooms. It may sound unbelievable but the constant change and progress and technology over the past few decades has made these once very familiar items, obsolete. Gone are the days of home phones. It is much more convenient for people to be reached by their individual cell phones. Whether this is a good or bad thing, I am not sure.

December 1

An App for Me...

Maybe my post-finals mood has me directed towards this as a college student but I think a really helpful app that may already exist or will come around soon is an app that helps find research and data on specified topics. For example, when assigned a hefty term project reliant on data and research, many hours are waisted by students sitting trying to find reliable sources for things that might not exist. Siri never seems to pull through when asking her a question nowadays, so if I were to create a realistic app that could help me in this moment, I would try to create a Siri-like application that I could talk and ask questions with. She would then pull up direct links and sources to professional works related to my question so i could sift through shorter and more refined list. This would be a useful tool for students to spend less time searching through pointless documents and more time on their actual work.

December 1

Disruptive Technology

One example of disruptive technology is the use of automated vehicles. While self-driving cars and self-moving drones are just over the cusp of reality, they are more real than ever before. From my knowledge, I hear self-driving cars will be taking over the postal delivery system and uber/taxi businesses within the next few years. This is disruptive because these self-automated vehicles will be replacing many people's jobs in the country. We are moving towards a more robotic-based society in every facet of our lives. While I'm not sure what this will mean for employment rates, the progression of technology in this day and age is fascinating.

December 1
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