Naked Truth PR & Management is a leading-edge, social cause agency that has consistently championed social impact by engaging with clients that see beyond ‘the bottom line’ and are driven by ‘the bigger picture’. Our portfolio of clients merges social conscience into the heart of the business. We unite with those who re-define boundaries, make history and carve out a legacy.

Londoner Dr Diahanne Rhiney BCAe is an award-winning Global Empowerment Ambassador who has spent decades honing her mission to empower, educate and equip young people.

Diahanne defied the odds to steadfastly establish an award-winning reputation as the first to specialise in diversity marketing and race relations, almost 30-years ago, marking her passion for giving a voice to the voiceless. Having consistently put marginalised groups on the map, Dr Rhiney’s work has had a long-term impact in changing mindsets and practice, as she continues to use her networks to promote social change for minorities having founded Naked Truth PR & Management.

Dr Diahanne Rhiney BCAe spearheaded the ‘The Kenny Reports 3’ where she gathered and sponsored 32 young people from across the UK to build a publication that raised awareness around engaging young people in politics. The report was read by then Prime Minister David Cameron, and played a part in making significant change for young people with a far-reaching impact.

This is the uniqueness of the causes, campaigns and change-makers managed by Naked Truth PR & Management. The expert team use deep sector expertise to help modern change-makers maximise the impact of our work. As one of the U.K’s few social impact-focused PR consultancies, we are consistently at the forefront of global PR strategies.

Naked Truth PR & Management is home to some of the U.K’s leading social pioneers and trailblazers.


Amani Simpson

Amani Simpson was stabbed 7 times when he intervened in a friend’s dispute over stolen goods that quickly escalated out of control and saw him confronted by a 20-strong gang.

Since then he has dedicated his life to empowering young people through digital media, events and personal development under his social enterprise Aviard Inspires CIC.

This year, Amani produced a powerful short film about his life starring Joivan Wade (Doom Patrol, Shiro’s Story) which amassed 1 million views, in just 4 days.

Amani is using his short film and story in schools, alternative provisions and events as a tool to transform the lives of young people across the country. He has recently been named as the North London Ambassador for the Mayor of London’s ‘London Needs You Alive’ campaign and nominated for a National Diversity Award.

Now a motivational speaker and community worker, he is aiming to crowdfund £15,000 to support making a short film telling his story, as he seeks to divert teenagers away from crime.

Joss Cambridge-Simmons

Described as the UK’s leading ‘super manny’, Hackney’s Joss Cambridge-Simmons is taking modern childcare to the next level.

Multi-talented Joss Simmons is the founder of Jossy Care, a childcare service that has set tongues wagging. Now frequently invited to deliver motivational talks on topics such as depression, domestic violence, children and the future, Joss is defying the odds to give back to the next generation.

Witnessing his mother suffer domestic violence had a profound effect on Joss. However, his positive approach is what is gaining him the attention of parents, practitioners and the media. His finger firmly on the pulse, Joss knows only too well where many children who have the odds stacked against them end up. “I know people who have experienced similar situations to me or even worse. They are functioning but have turned to the roads, or use drugs, alcohol and even sex as a vice.” Dealing with domestic violence was an introspective process. In the early part of 2017, Joss gave his first public talk about his experiences and hasn’t looked back.

Keen to address the stereotypes in the childcare industry, Joss has spoken out on the topic of male nannies being refused jobs on the basis of their gender and the difficulties they face.

‘Over time i’ve realised being a male in the industry I am in isn’t the norm. This is why I have set about breaking stereotypes and changing culture.’

Recently Joss was featured in Time Out, Hackney Gazette, East London Radio and has been nominated for a National Diversity Award.

Nazia Khatun

Nazia Khatun is an award winning fitness specialist.

Her resilience and determination to empower other females comes from her own experience struggling with an eating disorder which robbed her of happiness, self worth and self confidence. Having turned to fitness with, Nazia incurred injuries that had damaging psychological impact on her mental well being.

As a former boxer, it equipped her to build an unshakeable mindset as she slowly recovered from her eating disorder. Defying stereotypes from an early age Nazia also battled with fitting into a role as an athlete and what was accepted from her as a Bangladeshi female.

Kenny Imafidon

Award-winning Social Entrepreneur, Political Commentator and Activist Kenny Imafidon is the co-founder and Managing Director of ClearView Research Ltd, a leading-edge research company, which specialises in research focussing on young people and social impact evaluation.

Described by Huffington Post UK as a "young rising star making waves in UK politics," Kenny has written influential & award-winning publications and has led on innovative partnerships with global brands such as Uber, Tinder and Deliveroo, on campaigns to get young people registered to vote and turnout in UK elections and the EU referendum.

His work in both the worlds of research and politics has taken him around the world to countries such as, the United States, Brazil, Austria, Tunisia, Israel, and Hong Kong. Recently, he was named by Impact Squared as one of 100 young leaders (under 25) across the globe making a social impact to transform our world and he sits on the advisory board of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust.

Elaine Cunningham-Walker

Elaine Cunningham-Walker is a Forbes featured, award-winning Educational Strategist and CEO of a global consultancy Everything’s Education.

Elaine is the mother of two award winning children who were endorsed by MENSA when they appeared on Channel 4 series Child genius in 2015. Elaine's experience in raising genius children and securing them at top boarding schools with music and drama scholarships, has led to parents reaching out to her asking how they can get the best out of their children at home and in the field of education.

Carol Wilson-Firth

Furniture Designer and Mentor

Carol Wilson-Frith is a British Furniture Designer, Speaker, Mentor and Owner of luxury furniture brand Carmen Constantine with a Honours Degree in Furniture Design & Craftsmanship from renowned Buckinghamshire New University.

Marcia Brock

Marcia Brock became the UK’s youngest Microsoft female engineer and followed up with being the first Black woman to complete the Cisco Wireless Networking qualifications.

Having founded "Founding Smart” a Project Management company, in early 2000, Marcia has been a part of numerous projects helping to bring the brand “Smart” and more to the world. Marcia is now classed as a Thought Leader after founding Trinity Collective, Smart World, SmartKid, Rock Brand, Brown Talent, London Bridge Ladies Who Latte, co-founded WeRockTeam with movements called AllGirlsRock and AllBoysRock, Unity in the Community, Black Love, Wealth Makers, Forex Education plus more.

Jamala Osman

Jamala Osman is a 24-year-old social entrepreneur and former Bank Manager at Barclays plc. She was one of the youngest ever bank managers in the country and was tasked with running her first branch at the age of 21.

Having had a difficult start to life, her dramatic turnaround inspired her to create pathways and programmes for other struggling individuals struggling to help break down barriers. Winner of Great Britain and Irelands Young Citizen Award for 2018 and Chair of the National Young Apprentice ambassador network; Jamala is on a mission to help bridge the gap between young talent and organisations

Daniella Maison BA (Hons) MA

Daniella Maison BA (Hons) MA is the punch-packing writer best known for her article series ‘Black women and Hip Hop’ which went viral in 2009 and gained her critical acclaim.

Maison has most notably spoken on issues of feminism, FGM and honour killings, appearing in Emel Magazine, Hard knocks radio, Peace TV, New Nation, Black Thought Radio and the BBC. A Masters graduate of Royal Holloway University, Maison wrote The Exposé after high demand from her global supporters. The N Word is her latest contribution, featuring a foreword by Benjamin Zephaniah.

Dr Diahanne Rhiney BCAe

Award-winning Empowerment Ambassador

Having travelled the world in her mission to empower women all over the globe, studied extensively, and consistently implemented her method for female empowerment; Dr Rhiney developed You-Ology as an accessible and applicable method for change.

The Natwest Every Woman Award winner has recently been awarded a British Citizen Award for her positive contribution to educating and empowering young people. Former LUR Live presenter, Dr Rhiney is the host of ‘Tea and A Chat’ and has appeared on the BBC, London Live, ITV and several global platforms.


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