India week 2017 All Photos are taken By our class

This was me eating a vada at the craft demo it was so good with the coconut chatny.
This was in the campus it was a rajsthany lunch I had 5 plates of food it was so good I could eat more.
We all got henna I got a dragon 🐉 and after I got a dragon 🐲 almost every body got a dragon 🐉 it was fun. It was cold, the henna is made from crushed up leafs people put it on their hand 🤚, feet and hair.
This was the turban tying, it was fun we also got to carry pots on our heads we did a race with the pots on our heads.
We did tyi and dye it was fun we got to do 3 different tyi and dyes.

Glass art

This was at the craft demo there was a girl sitting by a fire 🔥 heating up glass to form a animal or something else.

Some things that she made

Here you have some rings 💍 that she made she colours the glass with paint 🎨 just when she is done forming it.

The craft demo

There were round toys as you see in the picture there were glass beads, name on rice, weaving, paintings, wallets, clothing, and carpets.
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