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tackling diabetes

The Diabetes Awareness Club at West Chester University is an organization that strives to provide students with an opportunity to expand their knowledge of diabetes and help to educate and empower the community on diabetes prevention and treatment. The goals of the Diabetes Awareness Club are to be met through semester long campaigns, professional networking, and community outreach. The club provides volunteer opportunities within the community and on campus, creates many opportunities for networking with professionals in the field, and plans and implements fundraisers that benefit local diabetes care programs such as St. Agnes Nurse Center in West Chester. Every November, during diabetes awareness month, the Diabetes Awareness Club works to expand diabetes knowledge on campus through the Blue Dot Campaign. Through the Blue Dot Campaign, diabetes education facts are placed throughout campus in order to raise awareness and create knowledge of the disease that effects so many. The club also participates in diabetes related research. Within the upcoming year, the club plans to survey students on West Chester University Campus in order to determine their risk and knowledge of diabetes. Once assessing the results, the club hopes to collaborate with the Diabetes Prevention Program to help individuals who may be at risk for Diabetes. Although the Diabetes Awareness Club is fairly new, it has managed to make an impact on campus and within the community.

Written by Dr. Davidson

adaptive physical activities

As our campus continues to get more inclusive, so do our health science programs. Dr. Subach has been taking charge to lead an adaptive physical activities program. Through things like swim classes, students are working to broaden horizons and continue to promote this growing sense of inclusivity.

Students working with Dr. Subach have been participating in coffee houses to spread awareness

Saturday night 15 of our majors participated in the second Coffee House as part of the Monday Night Adapted program. The Coffee House was held at the Artisan Exchange and had a Mediterranean theme. The group made salmon, pasta, turkey florentine meatballs, salad, fruit and Virgin Sangria. Diana Marlin (Fiorentino) was our guest to help us kick off the food drive with the group. We then had a big surprise when Dean Adams and Dr. and Mrs. Fiotentino appeared and joined us for dinner.

This was a labor intensive event run by the students. We are very lucky to have such great students who want to give back to the community.

Hunger on campus

Did you know that student hunger and food insecurity on campuses is a growing concern? The Hunger on Campus study in 2016, showed that 48% of students on campuses surveyed were food insecure and results were consistent with other research. This is compared to an average of about 12% food insecurity for the total US population. The study also showed the many students who were food insecure also worked. It's no secret that many college students support themselves with jobs in the restaurant industry. But did you know that food insecurity is also three times higher among restaurant workers than the total population? One study by the Restaurant Opportunities Center found 32% of restaurant workers are considered food insecure and that work conditions like unpaid sick days and legal subminimum wage contribute to food insecurity ("Food Insecurity of Restaurant Workers").These jaw-dropping statistics combined might lead us to hypothesize that an outrageous number of student restaurant workers are struggling with food insecurity.

So what is WCU doing about this? The WCU Food & Resource Pantry has opened to assist students who are struggling. Students in the nutrition department also participated in the Presidential Inauguration Campus Food Drive to address food insecurity. Finally, nutrition students in Community Nutrition classes took action by participating in a awareness campaign about campus and restaurant worker food insecurity from April 17-20th, and surveyed students about food insecurity and restaurant work conditions.

You can do something too! Keep yourself informed on these issues and if you're looking for more information on eating ethically in ways that support restaurant workers, download the ROC app, check out their website or visit their office in Philly.

Written by Aubrey Redd, Editor
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