Mhangura Water & Sanitation Project ZIMBABWE HOMELESS PEOPLE'S FEDERATION, DIALOGUE ON SHELTER, Makonde rural district council & zimbabwe national water authority

In 2014, the partnership of Zimbabwe Homeless People's Federation, Dialogue on Shelter and Makonde Rural District Council conducted settlement-wide profiles in the suburbs of Damba, Chebanga and Molly in Mhangura. The profiles documented a host of issues amongst which the acute ones were water and sanitation challenges. In Damba, for instance, 423 households with a population of 2093 were enumerated with 87% of the households using very dilapidated communal flush toilets. Meanwhile, in Chebanga the same story of serious services gaps were highlighted during the profiling exercise with a population of 1610 expected to use 2 blocks of communal toilet blocks which are in a state of disrepair.

A notice message on one of the toilets in Damba highlighting the management challenges around communal facilities
Dilapidated sanitation infrastructure in Mhangura

It was based on the evidence gathered through the enumeration process that a range of water and sanitation were designed and rolled out in Mhangura. The first phase of the interventions saw construction of 12 ecological sanitation toilets and 3 communal water points. The second phase then scaled up the interventions by connecting 420 plots to the sewer grid. The latter was implemented under a partnership arrangement with Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) and Makonde Rural District Council. Mhangura community were involved in trenching and laying of pipes while ZINWA officials came in with technical supervision.

Excavation of sewer trenches in progress in Damba, Mhangura
ZINWA technician checking gradient levels for sewer trenches in Damba, Mhangura.
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