MBriefs Byte Sized Benefits | August 2019 Edition

We know, you probably cut your summer vacation short in anticipation of this month’s MBriefs edition. Well, that decision was simply brilliant because this issue addresses a number of topics including, Is More Really Better with Benefits?, Asking for Cheaper Drugs from your Doc and Take One Step Closer to Becoming a Linkedin Jedi Master… Knowledge if you seek, Kenzie’s post you must read! (that was my sad attempt at Yoda). That’s not all – yadi yadi yada (not Yoda), ENJOY!

The Real Stuff You Need to Know

What’s That… Is that a Pig Flying with a Box of Penicillin?

We all thought this day would never come. We are one step closer to lowering high prescription costs. FDA and HHS have come together and released a Safe Importation Action Plan to allow Americans to finally purchase foreign market produced medications. FDA will still have a say of which drugs will be approved, but we are certainly going in the right innovative direction. Please read on!

Balance the Benefits, Baby!

Employees want to have choices for their benefit plans, but is too many, just that, too many? Like two friends on a see-saw. On one side, you are weighted down with too many options. Your employees will roll off the seat because they just can’t decide, they are too overwhelmed, or they pick the wrong coverage because they don’t have a clue. Now on the other side, there’s nothing, no coverage, no benefits- those employees are just hanging up there and eventually they are going to jump. It’s not good for morale because either way, someone is getting thrown from their seat. The balance is messed up.

So, some benefits are better than none, but the key is to provide the right benefits for your workforce. Learn what they desire, cater to their needs. Yes, it might require a few more pennies out of your budget but think about how much money you are spending with each employee turnover: recruiting, training and productivity. Wouldn’t it be worth it to make the investment, find some balance and gain some loyalty?

Just sayin’.

Save on Prescriptions Before Leaving the Doctor’s Office

“Hey doc, can you spare one more minute to tell me how much this prescription is going to cost?” Have you ever felt comfortable enough to ask your physician about cost… of anything? Well, more and more of the price transparency in health care is coming alive.

Some patients are wrapping up their doctors’ visits with a prescription in hand, AND the knowledge of exactly what it will cost, based on their insurance coverage and their pharmacy of choice, thereby eliminating the ‘OMG, How Much?’ at the pharmacy. Too often, the routine was to grab the script and head to the pharmacy. Done. Your doctor assumes you have filled your script, and you are on the mend. Instead, you have nearly passed out at drug store from sticker shock and gone home without your prescription to ride the wave of your symptoms.

This process is slow to take off. There are still too many old school practices that need to be eliminated. Doctors still try to get the patient in and out of the office as quick as possible to get to their next patient. Drug manufacturers keep their information to themselves, hiding an ace up their sleeve, and patients are afraid to input their personal data on a secure site. Health care technology has been evolving leaps and bounds, but not on the administrative side. With a little more computer input with a minute more to discuss next steps, it could eliminate the need for a secondary visit.

Bottom line, price transparency will work better if everyone plays along.

Video Links for Quick Health Care Knowledge

Summertime means spending more time outside, with family and friends or best of all... on vacation! Unfortunately, sickness and injuries can still follow you to your dream destination. You may not be able to get to your personal doctor when illness strikes -- but that doesn't mean you have to go to the ER! You can keep costs low by connecting with a board-certified physician to discuss your injury or illness through Telemedicine. Check it out!

Side Affects: Our Podcast to Provoke You to Think Differently

When looking for a position, you may have the skills, but do you fit in with the company’s culture? Side Affects Producer, Kenzie Fell and Director of Growth, Anne Marie Singleton spoke with MB Recruiting Coordinator, Lauren Hemm to learn more about the interview and hiring process. Here at MB, we have been told our interview process is lengthy! We don’t hire people for their specific skill or to fill a specific spot. We test to see if they fit our culture of helping people. Tune in to hear Lauren's tips for candidates, how she searches for potential employees and the kind of questions you should ask to get the full story!

Events You Should Probably Plan to Attend

Absence Management

This course provides an overview on the rights, responsibilities, and provisions of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), as well the basics of managing interactions between the FMLA, other applicable state and/or company leave provisions, and short-term disability (STD) under the banner of holistic Absence Management within an organization. This course provides a breakdown of the fundamental concepts behind the FMLA, such as eligibility and entitlement, as well as broad employee and employer responsibilities, key definitions, and important variables in administration that can differ from employer to employer. Finally, an overview of the ADA is included, particular to the ability to provide additional leave as an accommodation.

The course has been approved for 1.5 hours of HRCI and SHRM credits.

Course Instructor: Kristin Hostetter, Senior Absence Management Product Manager

Due to a scheduling conflict, we have a new speaker for this event. Kristin Hostetter is responsible for oversight of Lincoln Financial Group’s Absence Management product. Kristin assists in development and market release of product enhancements, ensuring the services are market competitive and meet customer needs.

Prior to joining Lincoln in 2014, Kristin was an Account Executive at Ceridian focusing on enterprise accounts. Her responsibilities included developing strategic account plans to optimize program results and meet performance commitments for customers with Absence Management, EAP, and Work-life products. Prior to this role, Kristin worked for Reed Group in operations, sales and account management roles developing relationships with key customers and analyzing complex business needs of customers with Absence Management products.

MB Dayton - Wednesday, August 28th | 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

MB Cincinnati - Wednesday, August 28th | 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

MB Columbus - Thursday, August 29th | 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

To Post or Not to Post?

Hello HR Execs, it’s finally time for you to join the social media revolution. Embrace social media and use the tools that your employees will understand and accept. With the straight-forward tips listed below, you are one step closer to trending all the way home.

To Post or Not to Post?

Tip #1

Have you had a personal experience with a service, product, person, system?! Share the experience on LinkedIn and give your own tips, insight and opinions!


Your opinion matters! Especially if the experience is in the industry you support or work in. You are already an expert on the matter -- might as well share what worked well or didn't work well for you. For example, one of our consultants suffered a nasty eye infection. He utilized Telemedicine, Urgent Care, ER and then finally a hospitalization and being diagnosed by multiple specialists. He exhausted all of his resources to find an answer. The positive: he is an expert on what his options are and knew how to navigate each one!

Tip #2

Did you know there are 630 million people on LinkedIn but only 40% log in to their LinkedIn everyday? In order to be seen on LinkedIn, you must consistently post, engage and message with others.


Sure, it's easier said than done. Creating content is hard! Especially if you have to post once a day. Try creating a library of quotes that inspire you and when you are desperate for something to share, you can dig from your library and choose the one that fits your mood that day!

Tip #3

Share someone else's achievements on LinkedIn!


LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your own skills, achievements and brand. But how cool is it when you get to promote a friend or coworker doing great things?! Praise for another person’s accomplishment is always a positive thing to share on LinkedIn! Also consider writing someone a recommendation on LinkedIn! (That's another place someone will see your name if you aren't already connected to them. A win-win for everyone!)

Rumor Has It…But Details to Come

I am not a robot... Or am I?

Artificial Intelligence in the field of Human Resources continues to rise. With five key areas of HR being addressed by technology, data analytics, or software…. no matter the term, the stereotypical definition of HR Admin is shifting. Paper stacks, multiple meetings, and unanswered calls replaced by personnel able to strategize using data analytical tools, shared with other c-suite members … probably still multiple meetings…. All for the company’s future. Software that can keep a level of compliance, consistency, and yet diverse all at the same time? Oh yeah…. What is the name of your robot?

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