Teeing Off Science Fair Project







The purpose of this experiment was to find the most effective way to hit a golf ball using a driver.

We became interested in this experiment when we were playing a round of golf and were using different tee heights to drive on.

The information gained from this experiment will help others by informing them on which tee height is the most effective for driving.


How does the height of a golf tee affect your driving distance?


Article- Golf Tee Height: Should I I Tee The Ball Low or High?

Author- Brent Wallace

Summary- Learning the proper way to tee the ball is an important part of the game of golf. You are better off teeing your ball up when you have the chance than not doing it at all. Tee height varies depending on the club being used. Practicing with the right tee heights will affect your game positively in the future if learned the correct way.

Connection- This article explains how tee height affects your driving distance and our experiment is basically testing what is stated in this article.


Our hypothesis is if we use a middle height tee, then the golf ball go the farthest.

We base our hypothesis on the article that we read and common sense because we believe that the ball would go high but not far if the tee was too high. If the tee was too low than there would be a higher chance of the ball or club hitting the ground earlier. So, we concluded that the middle tee length would be the perfect height.

  • Driver club
  • 9 golf balls(3 white, 3 yellow, 3 multi-color)
  • 18 tees(6 high, 6 medium, 6 low)
  • Driving range
  1. Go to the driving range
  2. Set up 3 different height tees
  3. Place 3 different colored golf balls on the three tees
  4. Hit all three golf balls with the driver
  5. Repeat steps 2-4
  6. Record how far each golf ball went
  7. The other person repeats steps 2-6

Data Tables




Our hypothesis was correct.

The results indicate that this hypothesis should be considered true because the middle height tee results showed us that the golf ball had the best average driving hit.

Because of the results of this experiment, we wonder if anything else could attribute to a good drive besides tee height.

If we were to conduct this science fair project again we would take more tests and use more variety of materials.

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