Thirteen Going On Fourteen By:Lauren MEADE

Age thirteen was a hard age for her said the thrown sheets off the bed that were on the floor. She was changing said the bathroom mirror hanging on the bathroom wall. The girl was confused at what was happening said the makeup that was overused in front of a full length mirror. She was growing said the constant pain in her legs. It was a tough year said the family in the living room on the couches.

Her birthday was approaching said the calendar on the blue teal wall. She sat alone to think of the year ahead of her said the vacant living room with only her on the coach. She was beginning to get used to the change said the friends always around her. It was her year to learn said the future that awaited.

Something went right says the neatly made bed in the house. She is maturing says the pots and pans that were always used in the kitchen. She is learning says the youth minister on the mission trip with her. She is a good sister now says the little brother in the backseat of the car with her. She's focusing on her faith more says the journal and bible by her bed on the table. She is learning how to listen says the quietness and just the sound of the guitar played by the man. It is a fantastic age says the happy family in the park in front of the camera.

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