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Ciao mio caro! I have the most unremarkable name, it's Taylor. I think just about 1 in 10 girls from the mid-ninties share this issue.Anyway, I'm 21 years young. I have an unnatural fear of wrinkles. That's right; I'm vain and unashamed. I hail from a town in Virginia called Charlottesville. It's beautiful, at least Thomas Jefferson seemed to think so. My life has been split between the rolling hills of the Piedmont to the mountains of Appalachia. My life as of now revolves around school, and attempting to keep my checking account out of the red. It's quite taxing sometimes. I have a very extreme personality that translates into all my likesand dislikes. I don't just dislike math, I LOATHE it. I don't just love elephants; I met a calf named Kirby once at a zoo and the zookeepers thought I needed to be sedated. I have an incredibly big heart but it is restless. I wish I could live in an Airstream and become a gypsy. Having the same day over and over again really drags my normally bubbly disposition down. I'm an avid bookworm. I love to get lost between the pages, and sometimes I feel as though the words are being translated right from my heart. My favorite novel is Gone with the Wind. Growing up my grandmother had two books always out, the King James Bible and Gone with the Wind. I am almost certian I was born in the wrong century. I listen to Patsy Cline and Elvis more than any twenty-something should. Last week I watched 3 movies all made before 1965, and I am forever waiting on a Cary Grant like prince to sweep me off my feet. Other than Patsy and Elvis, Bluegrass and gospel music have always been a huge party of my story. Time spent with my family is usually spent around a fire with various stringed instruments and ancient melodies with interwoven harmonies. Bluegrass is a truly a gift from the good Lord because it sounds the same even when the power goes out. Something that may suprise people about me is that despite my vapid tendancies, regrettable Ulta addiction, and love of Pricilla Presley hair is that I'm actually aware of the world outside Taylortopia. I am very politically aware and aside from music, I would say politics is my passion. Need to discuss foreign policy with someone? I'm your girl. Wanna know just exaclty your rights entail? I can hook you up with my handy pocket Constitution. After my time in East Tennesse is over, I want to move to DC and possibly work for a PR consulting firm or an organization like the Heritage Foundation. Until then you can find me looking for the perfect shade of red lipstick, possibly with a glass of wine, or a tall cup of coffee in my hand.

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