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When we were in science camp and we had a astronomy night and we talked about the galaxy and learned a lot about the planets.

What We Did

On astronomy night we learned about the stars and we talked about the galaxy we also talked about the planets which are: Venus,Earth,Neptune,Uranus,Saturn,Jupiter,Mercury and Mars. here is more about it


Did you know that the black hole is 4 million times bigger than than the sun? Did you know that GN-z11 is the oldest galaxy of comoving distance of 32 billion light years from earth? The word galaxy comes from the greek. Coma Berenices is approximately 60 million light-years away from Earth.


More than two thousand planets around other stars have been discovered in the Milky Way. just above the size of the moon to gas giants about twice as large as Jupiter have been discovered, out of which more than 100 planets are the same size as Earth. Closing

Astronomy is fun to learn about the most fun is learning about earth and other planets like mars and jupiter.

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